Loungewear, But Then Make it Fashion

Technically, Tyra Banks said, “h*e, but then make it fashion”, but I say, “loungewear, but then make it fashion”. In the past couple of years, loungewear has become so trendy, to the point where it’s hard to tell your outfit and pyjamas apart; they both look that good! Now, everyone wants to feel and look great, even at home, and I found that planning out my low-effort outfits during lockdown was a fun mood-booster.


So, here are four tips to start you off on your loungewear journey:


  1. Keep it cheap and affordable whilst trying to avoid fast fashion

Fast fashion angers me for many reasons: how bad it is for the environment, the use of sweatshops and the exploitation of the workers in those sweatshops. Many people feel that it’s impossible to keep clothes shopping cheap and avoid buying fast fashion at the same time, but an easy way to do both is to shop second hand; the app Depop is my favourite place to do this. Shopping this way, I feel and look good whilst also knowing I’ve helped the environment and avoided giving money to unethical companies.


  1. Make it match

The easiest way to look put-together is to wear matching colours. They don’t have to be the same colour; they just need to be from the same ‘family’. This simple hack will elevate your look, trust me.


  1.  Relax

My favourite thing about loungewear is that it’s comfortable— in fact, the looser and baggier, the better. When you see someone rocking loungewear, they almost always look comfortable.


  1. Find your style

Whether you’re a ‘Gigi’, a ‘Rihanna’ or a ‘Zendaya’, there’s a place for your style in loungewear. If you’re someone who loves joggers or if you’re into wild high-fashion patterns, I’d say go for it. Or, if monochrome colours speak to your heart, then as they say, “you do you, boo”.


Finally, for inspiration, check out some celebrity examples of fashionable loungewear: 


Exhibit A: Gigi Hadid

Exhibit B: Rihanna

Exhibit C: Zendaya


Happy Loungewear! 


Words By: Siza Dube 

Edited By: Olivia Flower