Lifestyle Blog: Home Décor

This may be one of the most controversial things you hear today, but just don’t enjoy clothes shopping. Well I do. A bit. But home décor shopping is the real key to my heart. Traipsing through Ikea could occupy me for a whole day, Homesense is basically heaven and these quaint little gift shops will be the sole reason for me ever going bankrupt.

My favourite décor is coastal-themed; paint-stained driftwood, beach-scented candles and little holiday postcards. Mix this with a simplistic ‘Scandinavian’ style, grey and white hues, large potted plants and you’ve pretty much described all of my Pinterest boards.

The idea that all student rooms have to smell of mould, have alcohol-stained walls and basically resemble the depths of hell, is one that I will never succumb to agreeing with. Admittedly, I probably spend a little too much money on homeware, but that’s what I have a job for, right?   



Obvious choice, I know. But, as a student, Ikea really is your best friend. Whether you’re after large floor lamps, a new metal bucket to use as a plant pot (which looks better than it sounds) or just a singular wine glass, Ikea caters for everyone. The best thing being how cheap it is. Plus, no Ikea trip is complete without a visit to the café for a meatball pit stop or a free hot drink with an Ikea family card (a worthy investment).


You should see my wish-list for Christmas, it is pretty much dedicated to this online store (sorry mum!). This website is ideal for finding quirky homeware and personalised gifts. There are thousands of ideas on there so if you have a family member’s birthday or just need present ideas, this website is a saviour. It’s got entire sections dedicated to Christmas, with catalogues providing seasonal décor inspiration. So, if you’re keen to get into the festive spirit (which is completely fine in November) then get googling.

Homesense (& TK Maxx)

Homesense, owned by the same company as TK Maxx, is great for little individual finds. I only discovered the store this summer but it’s already made it in to my favourites list. Although the layout of the shop involves hours of sifting through items (which I’m making sound like a bad thing?!), it’s amazing what you can find. Whether it’s candles or a new baking tray you’re after, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Gift Shops

Little gift shops offer hidden treasures that you just don’t find in large commercial stores. It also means the items that you buy have more of an individual story behind them, meaning you can spend your money guilt-free knowing that you’re helping out someone’s personal business. My all-time favourite gift shops are the ones found in Cornwall as they have certain décor themes that I love. I can admit to spending a particularly large amount of time and money on my recent holiday there this summer.



Finally, Pinterest. I know this isn’t strictly a décor shop, but you will not find a better website for homeware inspiration. This site could save your life. Well, not literally, but you get the gist. I can easily spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, looking for room inspiration and creating boards. Plus, the best thing is that it doesn’t involve spending any money. A quick search for ‘DIY’ and thousands of results pop up, as well as ideas for handmade cards or gift wrap.


I hope that I’ve been of some help, as well as providing you with some ideas for what to put on your Christmas list. Happy Shopping.


Images: author’s own