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Leeds Rag Fashion Show (LRFS) 2016: Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution

Arriving at the most highly anticipated RAG (Raising and Giving Society) event on the University Of Leeds calendar, attendees were greeted by ‘EXPLICT CONTENT’ posters, speaking of a ‘revolution’ soon to follow. The first theme to grace the dimly lit, eerie catwalk, was entitled ‘Expect Resistance’ – an apt beginning for a highly rebellious show. The stunning female models walked daringly in huge, black thick heels. The stylists played with punk-inspired texture layering lace, satin, tartan and denim. The male models, with their chiselled cheekbones and razor sharp jaw lines, did their best blue-steel impressions whilst maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. The dark, grungy performance was greeted by a highly excitable crowd, the scene was set, and the rebellion began…

The second theme ‘Kaleidoscope’ was full of PRIDE. Bright, block primary colours of blue, yellow and red decked the top half of many outfits, paired with white denim jeans. A beautiful rainbow of colour danced on the runway, oozing confidence and sass. The finale of the segment went out with a bang, throwing rainbow confetti everywhere, a true celebration of originality, personality and passion.

Next up was ‘Peace for the people’, which celebrated bohemian flower power, with models gracing the catwalk with no shoes. The earthy, natural vibe was highlighted through a colour palette of brown, cream and white. The models posed with the two finger ‘peace sign’ at the end of their walk, nodding and smiling in a chilled, relaxed mood. The linen layers of khaki upon bearded hipster models produced a well-executed consistent message of nothing but “peace and love man!”


The fourth theme, entitled ‘What’s on your mind?’ shifted the focus to technology, social media and the significance of our ‘online lives’. The models walked on to the stage, adorned in silver and black glitter face paint, carrying iPhones. They strolled out with confidence, never shifting their eyes from their lit phone screens. Despite wearing a full-length silver gown and sparkly heels, the blonde beauty never faltered. During this segment the general fashion theme was that of futuristic, wearable technology, featuring light-up garments, flashing as the models strut their stuff down the blue-lit catwalk. To end the segment the models paraded as a group carrying a huge selfie stick, gathering at the end of the runway to pose for a photo.

The final theme, ‘Born Naked’, began with oversized, androgynous suits and slicked-back hair. Following this, the models wore statement garments with the upmost self-assurance including; a dress covered in “Votes for women” tape, and an “I AM WOMAN” white t-shirt. To contrast the variety of textures, the finale subject was that of ‘Free the nipple!’ referencing popular cultural themes. A group of topless athletic young men paraded down the runway, greeted by a largely hysterical audience, their nipples covered in black tape. Next, the standardly clad gentlemen followed an empowering woman wearing a simple ‘little black dress’ with the most scandalous of twists: an exposed mesh section across her chest revealing her bare nipples! The crowd exploded with cheers screaming, “free the nipple!” Following a huge cheers and claps, the entire selection of models appeared for their final bows amongst the stylists, committee and show directors.

I have to thank Alex Farley-Wood and the entire LRFS team for having us and treating us to the most incredible night. The entire show was an unprecedented success; I loved every single second of it. A huge congratulation is in order for everyone involved.



1.      Photograph by Harrison France


2.      Photograph by Sam Elcock


4.      Photograph by Harrison France


5.      Photograph by Sam Elcock


6.      Photograph by Harrison France