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lamar hits leeds: a review of the ‘big steppers’ tour 2022

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On Thursday 4th November 2022, the world famous Kendrick Lamar paid a visit to our humble city, showcasing a memorable performance which had First Direct Arena close to capacity. 

While I usually am head set on always being in the standing section, after seeing some of my other friend’s videos from the seated area, I am forced to admit that Kendrick’s show could be enjoyed both from the mosh or seated from above. This can be attributed to the concert’s amazing lighting, set design, prop use and back up dancers. So much could be said on this topic alone, so I will only focus on a few of my favourite moments. I cannot forget when Kendrick was encapsulated by a giant, clear plastic box and was risen many metres in the air, singing above thousands of screaming fans. Or when Kendrick was dragged around like a puppet by one of his fearless back up dancers, whose daring performance almost detracted from Kendrick’s own show. The lighting and use of shadows was extremely memorable, particularly the harrowing sight of Kendrick and his shadow, with arrows protruding from his back. 

The performance in itself was obviously remarkable as well. Kendrick put on an enigmatic performance, singing classics, such as ‘Humble’ and ‘Money Trees’, as well as some of his new hits, including some of my personal favourites, like ‘N95’ and ‘Mirror’. All these songs made the crowds go wild, quite literally creating a wave of crashing bodies in the mosh. A note upon this – the crowd control at Kendrick’s concert was exceptional. If anyone fainted, the medical crew were upon the scene almost immediately. Water was constantly being handed out, and while the mosh was naturally quite hectic, I thought it was very manageable and I felt generally quite safe. 

Let’s not forget about the other two performers of the night: Baby Keem and Tanna Leome. Baby Keem took me by surprise, putting on a very energetic performance which gripped the crowds. His energy was tangible and definitely rubbed off on the audience, making the mosh run wild upon the performance of fan favourites ‘Honest’ and ‘Orange Soda’. In contrast, Tanna Leome’s performance did not nearly have the same effect upon the audience. While his songs aren’t as well known, the delivery of his performance also contributed to the very mellow energy amongst the crowd. 

Overall, the Big Steppers Tour was an amazing concert, living up to Lamar’s notorious reputation. As his world tour continues, I would highly recommend buying a ticket and seeing his show if he happens to hit another city close by to you. Sitting or standing, the Big Steppers Tour is a performance to see.

Written by: Elena Goss

Edited by: Michele Ngue-Awane

Elena Goss

Leeds '25

Law student on exchange at the University of Leeds. Originally from Melbourne, Australia. Loves writing about pop culture and reviews on plays and movies.