Iris Apfel Mood Board

Iris Apfel Mood Board


Bonjour! Today’s mood board has been inspired by the gorgeously spirited and divinely colourful- Iris Apfel. Iris, 96 years young, advises models with her worldly knowledge, haggles with buyers and showcases her explosive and enviable wardrobe in museums. Iris married her soul mate Carl Apfel, a style icon in his own right, in 1948. Together, they launched the textile company called Old World Weavers, and travelled the world with a camera in hand purchasing beautiful, rich, non-Western garments. In the Netflix documentary, Iris, they are portrayed as the big kids we all aspire to be at their age.

            Iris once bought Carl a gold Egyptian ring, in Dublin in the 1950s, which he put on and soon discovered he could not take off. He wore it for decades. Two days before he died the ring finally fell off and, for some reason, this only adds to the magical element of this couple.

            Iris once said ‘I don’t expect to find inspiration. It just sort of comes. Sometimes you step on a bug and you get inspired’. I hope my mood board is like stepping on a kaleidoscopic bug… 







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