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I Got New Rules, I’ll Count ‘Em

Cue Dua Lipa because we need all the help we can possibly get to face the longest month of the entire year, January. It is a hard month for many reasons which I’m not going to list because that would just be so damn depressing, and we don’t need that negativity right now. One of most unavoidable reasons January is just so dull however is because it is full of so much guilt. Guilt, of course, for not sticking to your new year resolutions. We’ve all been there, we are all there RIGHT NOW. We started the new year with high hopes and now by the end of the first week, we are knee deep in the leftover Bounty’s, wondering where it all went wrong. There is one aspect of life, however, in which possible new year resolutions can be made, and that is through style. Fashion choices play an instant role in the way you are received, so why do people rarely plan on changing their clothes to change their lifestyle? Whether you have abandoned all of your resolutions, or you are still going strong (seriously, HOW?) we have put together a list of fashion rules which will transform your 2019 style game.

1. When in doubt, wear all black

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 Okay, listen up people, all black everything has had a bad reputation everywhere outside Manhattan for as long as I can remember, but it’s time we all take a leaf out of the New Yorkers book, and stop thinking all black everything is a bad thing. It is not a bad thing, in fact it is quite the opposite, it is an absolutely fabulous thing. I mean, it’s not a fashion capital city for no reason, and the colour black has undoubtedly played a part in this city’s fashionable reputation. First of all, black goes with everything, so investing in another black jacket will never go to waste. You don’t need to drain out all colour from your wardrobe, but on the days when you can’t quite put some colour together, wear that all black, and never, ever look back.

 2. Layer Up

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On hearing layers, you will no doubt be transported back to your teenage days, when you would want to go out in an outfit which The Spice Girls would be proud of, only to hear your mum telling you to put on a jumper over that shirt and a jacket over that jumper. “It’s freezing! You need more layers on than that”. Thank you for completely killing my outfit mum. Okay, so maybe layers weren’t the coolest thing with your hot pink cropped top, but times have changed, and the era our parents have been waiting for has arrived. Layer a top under a pinafore or a dress to instantly turn a formal piece of clothing into a smart casual masterpiece. Let’s face it, black and white turtlenecks go with literally anything, so stocking up on these are essential anyway, but wearing them underneath some more daring pieces when you want to dress them down is the way to go this year. It can even be something as little as throwing on an oversized scarf which will immediately draw passing attention. You’re making an outfit your own, and you are staying warm at the same time.

3. Shop Sustainably


(Photo: Writer's Own)

So you may have made a resolution to live more ethically this year, whether you have decided to use less plastic or cycle to uni, but have you ever stopped to think about how sustainable your fashion choices are? Make this the year that sustainable fashion is in, and fashion waste is out. Shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be as simple as vintage shopping or renovating your current clothes. You are never too far away from a vintage shop, many of which are bursting with individual pieces which will let you stand out from the crowd on campus. The best part of vintage shopping is that you are not buying into fast fashion, or contributing to fashion waste, so delve into the world of clothes which have already stood the test of time. Another creative way to cut back on waste is to rejuvenate your own clothes, so switch up your denim jacket with dye, paint and glitter and start living your fashion dreams in a way that is good for the planet.

4. Keep your heels high

(Photo: Instagram @jimmychoo)

Or don’t, if you don’t like wearing heels. Whatever you do this year, do it in a bold new shoe. Whether you want to wear 6-inch heels to pick up some Prosecco from the supermarket, or you want to walk into your exam in knee-high boots, if you like the shoes, just go for it. For years, shoes have been overlooked, they were always secondary to the rest of your outfit. I mean, how often do you plan an outfit around your shoes? Unless you are the proud owner of Louboutins (can I be your friend please?) I would suggest never, but let this change in 2019. Shoes have the power to change your height, but they have the ability to transform any outfit completely, so keep your footwear in mind and invest in a new statement shoe as soon as possible.


5. Sunglasses are always a good idea

(Photo: Writer's Own)

It really is unfortunate that the word ‘sun’ is mentioned in ‘sunglasses’ because you really should wear sunglasses, whatever the weather. Grab a coffee before your seminar in a giant pair of shades and walk into the class in a way which would make Holly Golightly proud. Maybe if we all wore sunglasses in the rain, it would not even be that bad. How can we possibly all be unhappy when we look THAT cool. 2019 is the year of sunglasses in the snow everybody, you heard it here first.

I am a fashion and features writer based in Leeds.
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