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How To Dress For Halloween On A Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

We all know dressing up for Halloween is exciting, but it’s hard to resist the temptation of going to a dressing up shop and spending over £30 on a costume. With that in mind here are my top tips on how to dress up on a budget:


Top Tip Number 1


Despite the temptation to buy a sexy witch costume from Ann Summers or a superhero outfit from your local costume shop, you can always make your own costume (for a fraction of the price) and still look just as good!

If you’re going for a zombie look, like me, buy whatever clothes you want to wear and simply cut holes into them, adding some fake blood and eyeshadow for that distressed look. Make sure you buy cheap clothes unless you don’t mind using the outfit for next Halloween!


Top Tip Number 2


Now this all depends on your budget. If you can easily afford to destroy a cute top from Topshop, go for it, but for most of us students it’s all about Primark, sales, or online shopping.

Because I’m going “out out” this year, I’ve chosen to wear a t-shirt dress and cut random holes and slits into it, so it still looks like the sort of thing I’d wear clubbing. This will most likely be from Primark, however other shops like New Look, H&M or even Boohoo.com are sure to have them at a good price. Accessories like shoes and bags will just be from my own wardrobe.

But if a zombie isn’t your thing, online shops like boohoo.com, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing have Halloween ranges. These include super cute dresses with skeletons on them, spider web patterned clothes and animal prints. Here are some of my favourites:

Boohoo Halloween Leopard High Neck Long Sleeve Playsuit

Boohoo Halloween Skeleton Crop and Skirt Set

PrettyLittleThing Blue Sequin Mermaid Lace Up Side Thong Bodysuit

Top Tip Number 3


The main thing to do when making your own Halloween outfit on a budget is ACCESSORISE! Every shop on the high street (and online) have all sorts of things from ears and witch hats to wings and capes. These are what will make your outfit say “Halloween” on a budget. Don’t forget the fake blood and/or face paint though!

Here are some of the best accessories on a budget:

Black Bat Mask

Black Veil Headband

Halloween Rose Floral Crown



Top Tip Number 4


Make up is so important if you want to transform a regular outfit into a Halloween costume. Create a cat look by using eyeliner for whiskers and a nose or use black and grey eyeshadow to create a zombie look. I have found so many looks and tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube – feel free to do your own searches for your perfect look!

Here are some of my favourite products:

Urban Decay Naked 2

NYX Highlight and Contour Palette

Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Eye Liner 

Revolution Iconic Matte Lipstick in shade “Members Club” 




Top Tip Number 5


This is probably the easiest thing to do and I have done this so many times, especially when I have gone as a cat. This is the cheapest way to dress up for Halloween without a doubt and it just requires you to be a bit creative. If you’re going as a cat like I did, simply wear all black and add some cat ears, a tail and makeup, you can’t get any easier than that! If you’re going for a zombie look however, you may want to use some old clothes or clothes you don’t mind saying goodbye to if you’re going to rip them like me.



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