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Her Campus Reviews: Belgrave Pancake Day

Pancakes @ Belgrave 13th February 18


Yay its finally pancake day again!!! And this means endless pancakes, so today we took a trip to Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen to try out some of their sweet treats.

Walking in we were greeted with a busy atmosphere, chilled music and chattering people. Lots of chattering people. The queue for pancakes moved quickly and soon we were at the front and ready to order. Three delicious varieties of pancakes included:

  1. Smoked streaky bacon with blueberries, clotted cream and maple syrup
  2. A vegan option of maple syrup and coconut ice cream
  3. Banana, blueberries, dark chocolate and clotted cream.

We opted for options 1 and 3, although really appreciated the vegan option - good on ya Belgrave!



Georgina: I chose option 1 as I LOVE bacon and I love maple syrup even more! The first thing I noticed was how the pancakes tasted slightly sweet but not in a sickly way. I could’ve eaten these without any topping and they wouldn’t have tasted dry or bland. The bacon was crispy and very tasty, at first I wasn’t sure about maple syrup and bacon together but they worked so well! Overall the taste was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back next year.

Anika: One bite of these pancakes and wow! SO fluffy and light. The clotted cream really complimented each pancake. I was thoroughly upset when I accidentally mistook the heavenly cream for a slice of banana and ate it all in one bite. Nevertheless, the pancakes still tasted so good and I quickly devoured them (minus a few blueberries, oops!). I love pancake day and usually go for the standard Nutella-and-strawberries-combo, so I was interested when ordering this new combination of toppings and to my delight I was pleasantly surprised with how well the dark chocolate complimented the bananas and cream.


The friendly vibe in Belgrave made the pancake party even more welcoming and we enjoyed munching on our pancakes amongst many other smiling faces. What’s more, even the pancake song from Matilda came on. Wonderful!


Stay tuned for our review of the Ox Club’s pancake brunch coming soon…


By Anika Vadukul and Georgina Fenton

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