Her Campus Reviews: Arbonne Cosmetics

Her Campus Reviews: Arbonne Cosmetics

Nowadays, more and more people turn vegan. Whether its for health reasons, animal rights, for the planet or a combination of the three. We are starting to think about what they're putting into our bodies and although this is great news, some forget about what they're putting on to their bodies and carry on using products harming and testing on animals, using dangerous chemicals etc. So I have decided to test out new cosmetics that will be animal friendly, healthy, and natural, and to create a new review series to help you guys get good quality products. Today, I'm starting with Arbonne, a completely vegan, cruelty free skincare brand available online.

So yesterday I received a parcel from Arbonne. Having only ordered it a few days ago, I was very pleased to receive it so quickly. The two items ordered, the Rescue & Renew lemon pure essential oil and the Sheer Glow Highlight stick, came extremely well packaged and in an absolutely stunning clean packaging.

As both products are gluten free, natural, and vegan, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the contour stick, especially having never used a stick to bronze my face. However, after testing it out, the bronzer looked super natural on my skin, and blended very well, with no effort and pressure on my face. The highlight had to be applied more strongly as again, it gives a very natural look and I like my highlight to pop. It did a very good job after applying it on my face a few times, creating a nice shimmer.


The essential oil, smells amazing! As soon as I opened the bottle: it smelt like actual fresh lemon, not chemical at all, I am obsessed. I wasn’t sure how to make a use of it in the immediate to test it out, so I looked it up on the website:

For topical use: Dilute oil, using 1-2 drops for every 4oz of liquid

Add to a diffuser to:

● Promote a cleaner, fresher scent in the air

● Help neutralize odors

● Provide an uplifting scent

Apply 1-2 drops to:

● Masks, scrubs or other rinse-off skin care products to add natural fragrance

● Facial cleansers and toners to support brighter, cleaner-looking skin

● Body washes to help cleanse skin

● Shampoos and conditioners to refresh scalp and promote healthier-looking hair

● Home surfaces or dishwasher rinse cycles to add a clean, fresh, natural scent

● Remove sticky adhesives from surfaces

● Inside of shoes for a fresher scent

● Help clean stainless steel appliances


While the products might seem pricey for students, they are Vegan, completely natural and would be perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family or as stocking fillers. Their size is also perfect for travellers, easy to pack and take on holidays.

The website: kristiescism.arbonne.com

Instagram: @krisiescism

Click here for the highlight stick: $50.00 

Click here for the essential oil: $25.00 


Sarah Jun Ashford-Brown

All pictures are authors own.