Her Campus Leeds International Women's Day Interview: Alice Colton

A hobby is arguably an indefinable phenomenon, yet it seems that there is an inherent human instinct that knows when our favourite activities become just that. Catching up with Alice Colton, I found out which hobbies she enjoys, whether they initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic or originating from much before. 


“It is just really hard to do things that actually take effort because of uni work.”


When asked about current hobbies, a theme of creativity emerges when Alice tells me she has recently begun doing “Digital art on Procreate”, after finally unlocking her iPad. The pandemic has taken a toll on everybody - especially on our hobbies - so it’s refreshing to know that new ones are still being taken up. The next answer seems more relatable: “My main one is TV”, with both of us agreeing that watching TV is simply necessary to recharge after a day of studying.  


The creative spark is reinforced as I’m told about Alice’s passion for music, prompting her to learn to play the guitar: “I’ve been learning for a few years” with particular focus on “Embarrassing Taylor Swift songs”. A new guitar for a Christmas present is a particular motivation to keep persevering, especially as everything played is self-taught. On the topic of music, Alice sees the simplicity of being able to listen to music whenever and wherever as a huge bonus, “I find it relaxing and I really love music.” In regular times, she “Love[s] going to concerts”, with her musical influences seemingly carried forward to other hobbies.


“I used to be very big on dancing.


Alice’s versatility comes to the forefront when discussing dancing: “I used to do ballet and tap”, but unfortunately dance was a hobby that suffered from teenage angst, “Being a teenager makes you think you’re too cool for that stuff”. Some of Alice’s dancing credits however seem especially impressive, which even include a television appearance: “We went on “Got To Dance” and got through onto TV”. The description of the routine: “40s dance style” and costumes: “Gold leotards with little green jackets” is more than enough to inspire anyone to want to dance.


“I’d like to read more.”


As a student, finding the time for hobbies can be extremely tricky. Nevertheless, Alice seems optimistic about broadening her horizons: “I’d like to read more”, despite sometimes perceiving reading as a chore, “I'm doing a Philosophy degree so I’m reading all the time.” 


Another ambition seems to be to continue a lockdown-initiated hobby, with Alice aiming “To get back into running” although that might have to wait due to leaving a vital bit of equipment – trainers – at home. As for hobbies that she’d rather avoid? “Anything extreme like skydiving. I’m really scared of heights”. Personally, I’d have to agree. For Alice, relaxing and creative hobbies are favoured due to the hectic and demanding world we live in, as they definitely allow some escapism.


Words By: Ellie Back

Interviewee: Alice Colton

Edited By: Harsheni Maniarasan