A Heatwave in February and Why You Should Care!

Skin on show, Dark Fruits sold out at Tesco and Hyde Park full – nope this is not Summer - this is Monday 25th February 2019 and we’re experiencing a heatwave.

Monday saw the warmest day in February since records began! In Kew Gardens, London, the temperature reached 21.2C, beating the previous record of 19.7C recorded in Greenwich, 1998. A year ago, we were experiencing ‘The Beast from the East’ and temperatures were plummeting well into the negatives. Although this warm weather seems like a preferable situation to be in, this is a serious issue that we should care about.

[Image: kew.org]

The average temperature for this kind of year sits around 9 degrees, yet the past two years we’ve been experiencing extreme temperatures. The gradual increase of temperatures over the last 30 years due to climate change is causing these extreme weather changes and is a sign that we must act now.

Climate change is only getting worse and although being able to sit in a beer garden in the sunshine feels great, it’s still winter. The weather should suck at this time of the year! It should be cold, raining and even snowing and we certainly shouldn’t be getting this extreme weather.

If this is what the weather is like now and we don’t make some drastic changes, what will the weather be like in 10 or 20 years’ time? Seems far off but it really isn’t.

The truth is if we don’t act now – it’s going to be too late, we’re already causing irreversible damage.

It’s easy to think that you care about the planet and then continue your daily life without considering the affects you personally are having on the planet. Everyone has a part to play. Whether that’s cutting down on meat or reducing your plastic use, every little thing helps.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s frustrating that big companies are at the forefront of causing pollution and its easy to feel like we can’t change anything. But who is buying the products they’re making that’s contributing to pollution, carbon emissions, oil/plastic use and ultimately climate change? WE ARE.

We need to hold companies responsible, demand that the government stops arguing about Brexit and start acknowledging that we need to do something about climate change!

We are young, we are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of climate change and therefore we should be the ones fighting the hardest to take action! Yes, a beer in the sun is lovely, but will it be worth it in 50 years’ time when sea levels have risen so much that large areas of the UK are underwater?

[Image: XRebellion]

For more information about how you can help be the change we desperately need join organization Extinction Rebellion and their fight to make our government listen.


Website – www.Xrebellion.org/

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