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HC Leeds’ Top 10 Film and TV Romances

It’s coming up to that time of the year again, the dreaded V Day! No, don’t worry this is not going to be another article from a bitter singleton; I have a new attitude remember. Anyone who really knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic who falls for any love story on TV or the big screen. This got me thinking who are the best TV and film couples who’ve triumphed over adversity, shown the real meaning of love and made the audience smile and cry. So for Valentine’s Day here are my top ten duos:

1.    Ross and Rachel – Many people loved Friends and all of us knew from the first moment Ross and Rachel laid eyes on each other that it was going to be complicated. Ross had been obsessed with her since high school and never thought he would get the girl. As we watched them slowly get together, have their first kiss and their first ‘you know’ in the Natural History Museum we grew to love this couple. After many rows, Italian guys and saying the wrong name at the altar in series ten it finally came together. “I got off the plane!” was the beautiful five words to definitely putting the couple back ON.


2.    Romeo and Juliet – The Director Baz Lurhmann made a stunning version of this love story. These two star-crossed lovers fall for each other at first sight although their love is forbidden. This does not stop them getting married in secret and planning to run away together. Their love is so strong that they don’t care what happens to them. The ending to this story is tragic and bittersweet but shows what true love is all about.

3.    Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy – Now this couple are one of my favourites, probably because of the fact a lot of people refer to me as Bridget Jones, (which I am unsure to take as a compliment…) Anyway, this couple did not fall in love at first sight; in fact they demonstrated that there is a thin line between loathing and loving. We watched Bridget fall for the sleazy, but sexy Daniel Cleaver and Mark getting dragged into a relationship with the superficial Natasha. However, it was clear as Bridget and Mark got to know each other that relationships are about loving someone in spite of their flaws. Mark Darcy’s phrase of “I like you just the way you are” still melts female hearts all around the world.


4.    Noah and Allie – Apart from the Notebook being the cry-fest film of the century it brought us a stunning love story. Allie is a privileged rich girl who falls for Noah, a country boy of which her family do not approve. She has to move away, loses contact with Noah and she gets married to someone else. Then the couple meet again and she can’t deny the feelings of her first love. This is a couple that try to move on but know that their soul mate is out there and they are destined to be together. And the twist at the end gives a different meaning to finding the “one”.


5.    Rose and Jack – These two showed that love can conquer everything. Rose was a socialite who came on the Titanic with her family and Jack was a pretty poor boy who believed in luck. As soon as they met they fell in love; with the “I’m flying Jack” to the sensual portrait, their relationship is very intense. That’s why it’s so tragic when the boat hits the iceberg, but in the end Jack gives his life to save his one true love.


6.    Princess Fiona and Shrek – Okay I know this couple are animated but it doesn’t mean their love isn’t real. This green Ogre meets a beautiful princess and neither of them expects they are going to fall in love. When the princess turns into an ogre this couple show that looks are not everything; it’s about being yourself and falling “accidentally in love!”

7.    Finn and Rachel – Or as the ’Gleeks’ like to call them “Finchel”. This geeky choir girl loved him from the first time he sang to her. They were definitely the ‘will they/won’t they’ couple of Glee from their nearly-kisses to so many moments full of sexual tension.  When they finally got together in season two you thought it would just be simple but these two made it complicated with various temptations and Rachel’s obsessiveness. Their love always has twists and turns but they showed that the geeky girl can really get her Jock.


8.    Sandy and Danny – Oh those summer nights! This couple had plenty of ‘summer loving’ but did not expect to meet each other again at high school. They showed that you can’t choose who you fall for and the good girl can tame the bad boy. Tell me about it Stud!

9.    Harry and Sally – Not the most obvious one but these two addressed the age old dilemma of whether women and men can ever be friends without sex and love getting in the way. With first dates, break ups and that infamous scene in the coffee shop (YouTube that if you have not seen it). When these two finally get together, we really learn that friends can become lovers.

10. Satine and Christian– Moulin Rouge is one of the first films that I ever cried my eyes out to! This couple fall madly in love with each other, but this was forbidden. Satine, a courtesan, is promised to someone else and Christian, the penniless playwright, gets hurt. Their relationship is full of intense passion and the belief that love triumphs over everything. When the tragic ending happens it is absolutely heart-wrenching.

These relationships should give you hope that if you search hard enough then you’ll find your true love is really out there! 

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