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HC Leeds EXCLUSIVE: Up Close and Personal with Gaz


“I feel like the luckiest lad in Britain. I have the best job in the world”

When I was given the opportunity to interview an MTV Newcastle reality television star from hit show ‘Geordie Shore’, I could not turn it down. A gorgeous man, well-known for having a way with the ladies - what could be better?! Many girls I know would have paid for the opportunity!

However, having little to no knowledge of Geordie Shore itself I had my work cut out. I already had my own opinions of a guy whose life revolves around being paid for ‘Bucking, Booze and Banter’ but I was keen to find out more about him and let’s say the results were pleasantly surprising!

First things first, what is your first impression of Spalding (interview location)?

“It’s mad. You got to some places like Manchester and Liverpool. Then you come to towns that I never even knew existed. There are places like where my mum lives that I can imagine is like this town that I would never think out going out in. But then all these people come out to see you so it’s a privilege - so I’m not going to knock it, just join it!”

How has your life transformed since the days before Geordie Shore?

“I used to work on a building site. I have been a car salesman. I worked in Malia for a summer. I have done every job you can imagine. To have this as I job I feel like the luckiest lad in Britain. My job doesn’t exist when you go to a careers advisor when you are 16 so I am so lucky I get to go out and travel the world. For me it is the best job in the world and I am so lucky to have it. I would say I haven’t changed much I used to do the same thing like every lad in here- going to chat up girls and have a good time. The only difference now is that there is a camera following me. I haven’t changed that much. I love my granddad and I still hang out with my mates. I still do everything normally. I’m just lucky as F***.”

What’s it like living your life behind the lense of a camera?

“To be honest I am so used to it and our camera crew doesn’t change much. I’m good mates with one of the camera men and he’s 26 years old so he loves it when he gets to film hot birds. The room cameras are run by the same guy who I know really well and when I’m having sex with a girl I know he’s going to be watching. However, if you work closely with the camera crew all the tim e- you turn into one massive family so you just feel comfortable with it.”

What was your favourite highlight of last year?

“Last year was a blur. It was crazy busy. Out of 365 days I had 311 nights out. My job is literally clubbing. It is tiring. But you can’t not enjoy it!”

What’s your magic number?

Gaz: “You really don’t want to know!”

Me: “I do!”

Gaz: “Guess?”

Me: “100?”

Gaz: “Oh no that’s poor! That’s more like within a few months

Tell me a bit about your Relationship with Joey Essex?

“I’ve been mates with him for ages. When I met him a year ago, he had an amazing house and it inspired to save and do the same. Joey told me to just save and invest so I brought a shop in Newcastle. I also have plans to buy a house in this country and I am debating whether to buy a house in Australia. The money you can save up is ridiculous. I remember when I first sat down and watched TOWIE when I was on the dole and thought it was a load of crap. But now Joey’s like my little advisor.”

Now you’ve probably been asked this a million times- but what is going to happen with you and charlotte?

There is one scene in the new series that you will never ever ever ever ever ever expect. She literally sits down and says ‘Gaz..’.  Then the conversation we had I didn’t even expect, this was in Barcelona. It will be a very good episode to watch. Watching it back it was very emotional.”

Best Buck?

“I love threesomes. You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a threesome.”

What’s this about your parsnip is it really the size of a sky remote?

“I actually had the picture on my phone with it next to a Sky remote and I’ve lost it - but I will get that picture back! Charlotte is just weird and decided to call it a parsnip. She’s ledge though. She’s a good girl.”

Are you ever going to settle down?

“Yeah eventually I will but I had a girlfriend of two years before Geordie shore- I was nearly engaged. I was seeing her two and half years. She was in Birmingham and I was in Newcastle and if I moved to Birmingham and got a job I would have got engaged. I didn’t get a job so I stayed in Newcastle and went on Geordie Shore a month later. So I’ve only been single for two years now. My life could have been a lot different believe me. So now I’m just enjoying it!”

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