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Happily Ever Afters…

I am an eternal optimist, and as a woman it is my birth right to believe that my life is a journey which will conclude in my very own Happy Ending. I know the myth is that a Happily Ever After Ending means: damsel in distress meets Prince Charming, they fall in love, run off into the sunset and the credits roll they live Happily Ever After. Now, I’m not here to argue that that won’t happen, in fact I very much hope it does, for all of us. But there are so many more things in life which happen on the road to a Happy Ending. Below are some examples to help you believe that what happens in the movies can happen in real life too! 

1. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde
. I’m sure most of you know the story... but just to briefly recap. Elle is dumped at the end of her colleague years by the love of her life on the night she thought he was going to propose. Convinced that her Happy Ending involves a reunion with her ex, Elle follows him to study at Harvard Law School. After some late night study sessions, a disastrous entry to a non-fancy dress party as a bunny girl, and the realisation that the person she thought was the man of her dreams... wasn’t, Elle finally reaches a very different Happy Ending to the one she thought she wanted. Along the way she makes a whole host of unlikely but highly entertaining new best friends, smashes the Law Exam, becomes the Class Elected speaker and, by sticking to her own values ,steers her life into her very own success story.

2. Stacey Solomon. Okay so she didn’t win the 2009 series of X Factor, but Stacey’s career has rocketed after she came a very impressive third. She has presented on Children In Need & Loose Women. She won the 2010 series of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ voted for by the British public. She is the beautiful face and soundtrack of a Christmas advert this year. She is 2011’s Mum of the Year for managing to be an incredibly successful young working Mum and is expecting her second child. And her never faltering ear-to-ear grin has captured the hearts of the nation as we get to enjoy seeing her live out her very own Happy Ever After.

3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I have just finished the book and am now dying to go see the film. I don’t want to give too much away... Instead I’m going to tell you to READ IT! It’s a fantastically uplifting story which will make you laugh and cry. There are romance links throughout for those of you interested in the classic idea of a Happy Ending. But the books Happy Ending focuses on a group of women from incredibly different backgrounds, living very different lives, who begin to share their stories with each other. The uplifting ending isn’t really an ending, more of a beginning, as the women start new chapters in a world which they are trying to make into a better place.

3. Colin Frissle in Love Actually. You might be thinking that he’s an unlikely candidate, but Colin is a perfect example of someone enjoying his own, unique Happy Ending. Colin jets off to America to immerse himself in the exciting world of the American female.  On his first night in the States Colin finds himself befriending three of America’s friendliest women who are all absolutely stunning and totally obsessed with the English accent! Ignoring the scathing remarks of his friend, Colin sets out with a dream and, by simply being himself, manages to conclude a Happy Ending for both him and his friend. Colin returns to the UK with his beautiful girlfriend Shannon Elizabeth and brings back her younger sister- the equally smoking Denis Richards - for his friend-of-little-faith Tony.

Plus there’s of course the whole lovely airport scene... Packed full of Happy Endings!

5. Bridget Jones. Okay, you’re probably thinking that this falls into the classic damsel in distress meets Prince Charming, runs off into the sunset mould ... but hear me out. Yes, you’re quite right, that does happen, and how wonderful for her! But let’s rewind a bit. Bridget writes a diary in which she plans to lose weight and stop smoking in her quest to find a boyfriend. Her encounter with Daniel Cleaver ends disastrously before the truth is revealed and Bridget finally realises that Daniel is the idiot for not loving her. And then yes, she finds true love with Britain’s Rom Com answer to Prince Charming - Colin Firth. All is going well, until Colin reads her diary where Bridget has written explicitly what she doesn’t like about him. But like all good Rom Com’s, true love prevails and Colin accepts his part in the bad first impression he made. So, you see, Bridget thought she had her Happy Ending sorted when she met Daniel Cleaver and was left heartbroken when his true colours were revealed. But as her journey to a different Happy Ending began, she learnt that to be loved just for who you are, “wobbly bits” and all is far more fulfilling. Oh and leaving Daniel Cleaver earned her the respect of her previously belittling boss and landed her a job in television which saw her become the only journalist to capture one of the most important news stories of the year!

So, as your Happy Ending unfolds, make sure you enjoy what you do every day. Be happy to be yourself and enjoy the twists and turns in your journey, because when you can appreciate the life-enhancing things that they bring, such as new friends and new experiences, you will live Happily Ever After each and every day.

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