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Galentine’s Interview: Letting Go and Being Yourself with Ruchi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

To celebrate Galantine’s Day this year, we were tasked with interviewing other Her Campus members around a certain subject area. Our topic centred around letting go and being yourself. I interviewed Ruchi Rai Sohni, a fellow Her Campus Leeds member, to see how she felt about the issue at hand.

Firstly, let’s introduce her. Ruchi is an international student from India, who is currently doing a master’s in international journalism at the University of Leeds. She enjoys horse riding, dancing, as well as baking. She turned her hobby of baking into a small business during the lockdown as she began making cakes, cupcakes and other delicious desserts for people, from home. Now let’s circle back to the subject area of discussion: letting go and being yourself.

Who do you feel like you can be yourself around the most?

When asked who she felt like she could be herself around the most, Ruchi said “around close friends and family.” Initially, whenever she meets someone new, she can come across as “very quiet” and shy, but she comes out of her shell more, once she is more comfortable with them.

Is there anyone you’ve met at university, while in Leeds that you feel you can be yourself around?

Ruchi has found a lovely group of friends that have “become like a family” to her in Leeds. Two of them are from her course and others she met through her flatmate in her accommodation. She said that they became very close and bonded over the fact they were international students with most being from India (like herself) and another from Portugal.

How do you feel about letting go? Is it something you find difficult?

When asked about letting go of things, Ruchi said, “It depends on the kind of person you are, but [for her] it’s difficult.” She stated that, “sometimes you get too invested in things and can get too attached”, so much so that it “hurts to let go.” But you have to find the strength to let go as it’s “necessary to move on.”

Since coming to university has your sense of self changed, if so, how?

Ruchi noted that she has changed since coming to the UK. Back home, in India she found that she was more of a people pleaser; she was constantly around others and would prioritise their needs before her own, while in Leeds she tries to put herself first and tends to have more alone time when needed. She learned the importance of putting yourself first and making sure your needs are met.

And finally, what’s something you’ve learned about letting go and being yourself that you would tell your younger self?

When asked this question, she wanted to reiterate what she mentioned previously about putting yourself first. She spent a lot of time back home, caring about others and how they would react to her doing certain things, rather than what she wanted, but noted that “it’s important to care about how you feel and how others treat you for being yourself.”

I think Ruchi was highlighting the fact that if you don’t let others define your actions and you do what makes you happy, you can work towards being your true self, which is an important message for us all to take away.

Words by: Tamikka Reid

Edited by: Simran Nayyar

I'm a 20-year-old undergraduate, currently studying journalism at the University of Leeds. I'm a film lover, concert goer and dancer. In terms of writing, I love arts and culture as well as lifestyle. If you'd like to see more of my work check out my blog https://allaboutthatfeature.wordpress.com/