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Freshers’ Top Tips: Moving In

Freshers’ Top Tips: Moving In

Since finishing school you’ve probably been buzzing for your next chapter, university! But when the big day arrives it’s completely natural to become nervous and stressed. Luckily, we’re compiled our top tips to make your move in to halls as seamless as possible!  

When applying for halls, you may have spent time researching every option or you may have applied at random but regardless of where you end up just remember is every halls has its merits. At first, you might be completely disgusted at the idea of sharing a bathroom with people you don’t know, but strange as it sounds, there’s something about brushing your teeth side by side that creates friendships thick and fast. So if you’re worried you’ve not got the halls of your choice- don’t stress, just embrace it. There’s nothing some strategically placed fairy lights can’t fix.

Arriving can be a little hectic, everyone unpacking their stuff awkwardly saying hi with their families in tow but just try to say calm and remind yourself of our top tips. Now this might sound a little weird for our first but;

Top Tip 1: Buy a door stop. Leaving your door open makes you seem approachable and makes it easy for you to chat to your new flatmates. Obviously you can take it out…don’t sleep with the door open, but for the first week it’s a great way to make friends.


Top Tip 2: Help unpack. If you moved in early or are just super organised, offering to help someone lug their heavy case up the stairs is a nice way to get chatting. I don’t mean linger in the hall waiting but if you happen to pass someone moving in or see them through your door (which is being held open by your fantastic new door stop) it’s a friendly way to put someone at ease as they move in.


Top Tip 3: Offer to make a drink. Whether it’s a hungover cuppa the morning after or a celebratory ‘just moved in’ bevvy it’s definitely a good place to start. Who can resist a nice glass of wine after a day of unpacking?

Top Tip 4: Get ready together. Inviting the girls in your flat to come to get ready together is often a great ice breaker. Keep is casual so they don’t feel under pressure but extending the offer puts people at ease and having a few drinks while getting ready is a great way to get to know people a little before your pre drinks commence.  


Top Tip 5: DON’T hide in your room. Whether you’re feeling homesick or you’re wallowing in bed hungover the next day, the worst thing to do is stay in your room. Go see what Leeds has to offer, it’s an amazing city so you wont be disappointed. Freshers’ fairs are a great place to start; ask a flatmate to come along or go by yourself you’re bound to find something that interests you.

Top Tip 6: Decorate!  Last but not least…There’s nothing worse than your uni bedroom feeling barren and empty. Make sure you bring lots of photos, cushions, fairy lights and blankets to make yourself feel at home. Maybe even treat yo’ self to a nice bunch of flowers or some cute pot plants which can be purchased at the amazing plant sale just outside the union in freshers’ week.


If you’re lacking a little decoration in your room then you’re in luck. Leeds Uni union put on a trip to Ikea at the end of fresher’s, so if you need some decorative cushions or maybe just some hangover meatballs then definitely go along.



All photos are authors own. 

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