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Freshers’ fancy dress

So, it’s our favourite time of year again – other than Christmas, of course – it’s Freshers’ Week!

This is the only chance you’ll ever have to go out and drink every single night, with all your best mates and sleep in as late as you want the next day. It’s even better that when you do finally drag yourself out of bed, it’s only to spend the day lazing about and feeding your hangover, before starting to drink all over again.
And the best bit: no excuse needed! Well, only the fact that we’re freshers!

Another great thing about freshers (and a personal favourite of mine) is getting to relive our youth and make a total fool of ourselves, simply by going out in fancy dress. With so many themes to choose from it never gets boring. But just incase you’re struggling, I thought I’d share with you a few fancy dress ideas…


A very common but very fun theme! It really feels like you’re five years old again. You even get to wear as much glitter as you like! And once you throw on a cape and you’ve had a drink or two, you can start deciding which superpowers you all have!


Geek It Up

Dust off the old white school shirts, pop out the lenses of your freebie 3D glasses, and of course complete the outfit with the long mismatching socks, a bowtie and not forgetting the all important geek freckles! This is another popular one during freshers; and the only time we try our hardest to actually look like geeks!



This is a theme that, before coming to uni, I had actually never heard of, but now it has become one of my favourites, probably because it’s just like going on a night out in your pyjamas! Not only are onesies so comfy, but they can also be really cheap. Well, you can get a £100 or £200 Jack Wills onesie if you really want, but if you’re on a budget like me then stick to Primark, where I managed to find one for £5. Although be warned, as mine was a onesie meant for a twelve year old boy!

Old People

This is a theme that I have still not done yet, but I am determined to at some point this year! Having to wear a long skirt and a big baggy cardigan surely takes away the usual stress of deciding what to wear for a night out. You don’t even have to worry about your hair either, just scrape it all back and throw on a grey wig! As for makeup, instead of the usual slap, all you have to do is creating some wrinkles. Finish off the outfit with typical granny glasses and walking sticks too, if you want to go that far!


A particularly hilarious theme. Just make sure you wear old white shorts and old blue tops so you don’t have to worry about covering yourself in blue paint to complete the look. Don’t forget the white hat and blue pom pom tails too. The funniest part comes a few days later when you start lectures still faintly covered in blue paint!

Things beginning with…

This is a particular good theme to do when it’s someone’s birthday. Use the first letter of the name of the birthday girl or boy. It’s what I’m doing for my birthday! It gives more choice, for example the letter F has quite a good range from footballer, to fluorescent, to flasher! Although it’s probably not quite so good if your name is Ursula or Zara.

So there you go, a few good ideas to get you started for freshers week! Enjoy every night! Just make sure you’ve sobered up enough by the time you start those lectures…

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