Fresh Milk Comedy Night Review – Sketches, Stand Ups and a night of Banter

On a damp, dark, miserable Thursday night in December, Christmas still way in the distance and deadline stress looming, most students would barely be able to crack a smile at even the most comical films and TV shows. Yet in the small intimate venue of the Fenton pub’s upstairs something truly unheard of was going on; the sound of many, many students laughing. Most in hysterics in fact. How was this even possible? One answer: LUU Comedy Society’s utterly fantastic comedy show Fresh Milk!

If you’ve ever seen any of their previous performances (and if you haven’t then why not?!) then I’m sure you already know that the talent of some of the individuals could be worthy of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. So as a collaborative, looking at the whole society together, you’re bordering on world class! So unsurprisingly, their latest offering of comedic genius labelled ‘Bees – What are they and why do they keep on ruining my violin recital' -which they admit themselves is a play in 31 sketches of which only 10% are relevant to the title- has continued their well-established reputation of being hilarious!

I’ve got to say with a title as long and interesting as it this they were setting themselves a challenge to impress. Something I can safely say they achieved! The mixture of sketches, live stand ups and top form banter with the audience had me and the rest of the audience in stiches for most of the night. Fantastic stand ups from Jack Evans, Pete Pallet and Rhys Williamson helped set the mood for one of the most comical nights I think the Fenton pub has ever seen. It’s clear they’ve got a calling for comedy and  represent the amount of up and coming talent Britain truly has! Although for me a personal highlight of the night was the remarkable stand up from Callum Scott. The combination of some of the funniest personal anecdotes I’ve heard in a long time and whitty banter he had with a few choice members of the audience really did set the tone for the side-splitting acts that were to follow.

All of this would not be complete without the top-class MC from Edy Hurst, which I think the audience wholly agreed set up the whole show for pure comedy at its best. From his own little anecdotes between the acts to banter and sometimes being quite critical of himself, he provided lots of added entertainment. It's easy to see Comedy as a future career option for Edy as he was a great motivator for the audience. Not that any of the crowd needed much encouragement.

This is all without mentioning how incredible the sketches were from the Comedy Soc team! Well written and performed by all members of the society! I can’t even imagine how their creative minds must work! Their meetings must be non-stop, laugh-a-minute. How they ever managed to create such a talent filled show is beyond me. Overall though I’ve got to say my miserable, stressful day had been completely transformed and I’m more than grateful to them for lifting my mood and putting the first smile on my face in weeks! I’m already excited for the next Fresh Milk gig, which has been confirmed as a GIAG session on Thursday 6th February 2014. Although I think it’ll be best if I leave it to the professionals than inflict my poor attempts of comedy on those attending!

Emily Willson

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