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Fran & Chan: Your Love Life Sorted

We hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine this week – even if, like us, you’re only sitting in it whilst revising. Only a few more weeks to go though until summer so stay focused and stay positive! We might not be able to help you with revision but we have helped with a few more of your love life problems this week. Keep sending in all your questions and we’ll do our best to give you some helpful advice!

The other day I was in a shop and started chatting to the really cute assistant. Everything was going well, we were chatting for ages and heeven invited me to come see his band, until I made a complete fool out of myself right in front of him. I smiled and left graciously but felt so embarrassed. The worst thing is I know I’ll see him in there again next week! Have I ruined my chances with him? Please help!

You don’t explain how you made a fool of yourself, but we’re sure it can’t be that bad. If he’s already invited you to see his band, then this shows he’s already interested in seeing you again. Don’t worry or over think things for now, guys don’t pay attention to detail in the same way that us girls do anyway. Just wait until you visit the shop again next week and then start a conversation by asking when his band are next playing. If he likes you, then he will not let whatever silly little thing you did put him off; if it does, then it proves he’d just be a waste of your time anyway.

My boyfriend and I have been together happily for nearly a year. We both go to different universities but we still find the time to see each other every other week or so. But, at the moment we both have so many exams and deadlines to worry about that we’re struggling to find the time to see each other. I offered to come down for a night after one of my exams and he said we should just wait until after exams finish and this really annoyed me. Should I be worried that he doesn’t want to find the time to see me?

You shouldn’t be worried because he hasn’t said that he doesn’t want to see you! He’s probably missing you just as much as you’re missing him, but be grateful that he is just trying to be the sensible one and make sure you both prioritise your exams over each other just for the next couple of weeks. Make time for a phone call or Skype session now and again, and that should be enough to keep you connected for now. You are both under a lot of pressure, but just remember it will not be for much longer. If you wait a little while longer until after your exams, then you can really enjoy some quality time together and without all the stress!

I’ve recently started seeing a girl and we’ve been out on a few dates that have gone well. However, my flatmates sister came down at the weekend and we had a big night out, but this ended with me and her sister kissing! It was just a bit of drunken fun, but my flatmate really wasn’t too pleased. I haven’t told the girl I’ve started seeing either, but if anything, it made me realise I don’t want to be single anymore and I’d like to get to know this girl even more.

Firstly, if it was only a bit of drunken fun, then move on from it, apologise to your flatmate and promise it won’t happen again. Secondly, this is the danger that comes with the “seeing each other” phase.  If you haven’t yet agreed to be exclusive then that’s not too bad, but now that you know how you feel, you should use this as your opportunity to tell her and make it clear you want to start being exclusive from now on. Learn from this mistake and do not let anything like this happen again, particularly make sure you don’t cross the line with your flatmate and their family.

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