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Food Blog: The Naked Student Cookbook

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

A Leeds student has teamed up with a childhood friend to launch a new cookbook, that aims to make cooking more fun for students catering for themselves for the first time.  Providing recipes for simple yet tasty meals, the cookbook is the ideal addition to any student kitchen.

The Naked Student Cookbook has been written and produced by Mimi Williams, who studies at Leeds, and Kinvara Hubbard, a student at Edinburgh. In what could be described as a rather creative marketing technique, the project is essentially a student cookbook with a cheeky twist: each recipe features tastefully shot photos of nude students enjoying the dishes, in typical student locations.   Following in the popular student tradition of naked photo shoots to help raise money for charity, £1 from each purchase of the book is being donated to Crisis, a national charity for the homeless.

Kinvara and Mimi, both 21, share a love of cooking. The idea for the cookbook originated during the girls’ first year at University, when they witnessed many failed cooking attempts by fellow students. The idea for a cookbook “for students by students” aimed to bring fun back into cooking… presumably where the naked idea comes in?

Check out some behind the scenes footage from the photo-shoots here:

The project has seen great success, with the girls having been awarded an entrepreneurial scholarship grant of £3,000 by Leeds University, and winning second prize in Edinburgh University’s new business ideas.

The book, which aims to be fun and light-hearted, is available to buy online this summer.  You can pre-order copies at a reduced price of £8.99, here.  Copies will be begin being distributed from the 24th June.

Whether you see it as the perfect birthday present, essential student reading, or the ideal icebreaker with new flatmates, make you sure get hold of your copy now!

More information and photos can be found on the Facebook page.

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