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Food Blog: Leeds Trinity Kitchen

Recently, to celebrate the completion of my exam and essay deadlines, I took a trip into town for some well earned retail therapy. I received an extensive collection of shopping vouchers from Santa over the holidays that I was itching to spend, and I thought to myself that there is no better way to spend a revision free day than casually scouring the shops of Briggate Street.

This day turned out to be the best day I’d had in a long time. However, before you judge me on my over-excitable nature, do bear in mind that the previous week and a half was completely spent on Level 10 of Eddy B. Nevertheless, do let me explain.

Firstly, I was at the till in Topshop with a handful of clothes and jewellery, scrambling through my bag to find my Topshop card, when I hear that the amount is cheaper than I initially calculated. Now this sort of thing NEVER happens to me. Never! Of course I ran out the shop to double check the receipt and to my utter joy I found that the numpty-cashier didn’t scan my £24 gingham skirt. What an absolute winner! I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that it’s just the best feeling.

Although this particular moment was absolutely fabulous I must admit that the day was completely topped off by a visit to Trinity Kitchen, the new café space situated on the first floor of Trinity Shopping Centre. When my housemate suggested we pay a visit I was a bit uncertain; in my head I was expecting some sort of cafeteria-like experience resembling that of Leeds Uni’s Refectory.  But I was taken aback by what I found. 


Leeds Trinity Kitchen is an eclectic display of street-food dining; from Vietnamese and Italian food, to Champagne cocktails and delicious milkshakes, this Kitchen has it all. The space welcomes an abundance of clashing colours and contrasting scents. It is a casual, yet exciting, dining experience to tickle your taste buds; a perfect escape from the bustling streets of Leeds. 


I often find that when I am shopping I resort to generic, overpriced café’s like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. I need something quick, something energising, but I always find that these places are so expensive, so uninteresting. However, Trinity Kitchen appears to be the perfect solution. The fast, street-food style does not affect the quality of the food. There is also such an extensive selection on offer, ranging in price, culture and flavour. You can get your Paneer Wrap from Manjit’s Kitchen, your Cappuccino from Notes, and then follow this up with a piece of Caramel Short Cake from The Marvellous Tea and Cakes Shed. Why not dabble in a little bit of everything?! Trinity Kitchen makes for the perfect casual dining experience; you can drop by and order your food to take away, or you can pull up a pew and take in the bustling and lively atmosphere.


I can personally recommend the Chicken Katsu Curry Burger in the Brioche Bun from Yu Kyu, a genius Japanese/American twist on the regular chicken burger. Honestly, it tasted even better than it looks. I would also like to recommend Magnificent Milkshake Co., particularly the Eton Mess and Lemon Meringue Pie milkshakes. Usually I wouldn’t go for a milkshake, as I find they can be a bit too sweet and sickly, but the royalty at Magnificent Milkshake certainly know what they are doing. They capture that perfect mix of sweet and sour with the milky ice cream and the punchy bursts of jam. Mmmm!


So, next time you find yourself edging towards the doors of Starbucks, think again. Instead make a b-line towards Trinity Kitchen, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

For more details, you can also check out my Weekend Notes article here: http://live.weekendnotes.com/preview-review/63245/?ap=hFPqEUoWhc&wuid=253328

Until next time…

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