Fitness Blog: TRAIN LIKE A MAN

Girls, it's time to finally break the stereotypical view that men belong in the weights section whilst women belong on the cross trainer. For too long the fear of becoming 'too muscly' has prevailed if we even dare to step foot in the free weights section. This has meant that we’ve been forced to live in ignorance of the benefits of weight training which men have been aware of for so long.  These include increased metabolism and bone density, more effective fat loss as your body will use calories more efficiently, stress relief, increased energy AND mental alertness. These aren’t things we should be missing out on!

So let's break your fear of the weights section with this awesome routine designed by myself and Sami Mehio, which will teach you how to build major strength, and in the process, sculpt your body into a toned, lean, fat-burning machine just in time for the Christmas holidays!  

This routine will specifically help you to seriously tone your arms, legs and strengthen your core.  The three most important aspects for looking great in your party dress this season!

Don't be intimidated, once you have familiarised yourself with the moves in their correct form, you'll be blasting through this work out before you know it!

You will complete three sets of each move, and you should aim for 10 repetitions of each.  Try to keep your rest time to a minimum.

Plank row into push up

Starting in a push up position holding two weights in each hand, (I used 5 KG) push down into a press up.  When you get to the top, 'row' each dumbbell up to your chest, and then push up again.  If this is too difficult, drop down to your knees.  This move works your back, arms and core

Tricep dips

Place your hands onto each bar beside you and pull your body weight up into the starting position.  You will then lower your entire body weight down towards the ground until you have achieved a 'dip.'  At this point, your elbows should be at 90 degrees (as shown in the diagram.)  Pull yourself up and repeat. 

Pull ups

Place each hand on the bar above you, just either side of your shoulders.  You can use the assisted pull up machine to aid you until you have built up the strength to pull up your body weight without assistance.  This move primarily works your back, lats and biceps, but also your shoulders and chest.

Deadlift into backwards bicep curl

As well as toning your legs and butt through the deadlift, this move strengthens your forearms, wrists and biceps through the 'backward bicep curl!'  This is a move taken from a barbell routine incorporated by the navy seals into their training.

Assisted backward lunge with jump

Start with your arms out on a resting barbell in front of you.  Put one leg out behind you as if you are going into a lunge, but keep your foot facing upwards, and stop when your knee is hovering above the ground.  Then, launch yourself up on one leg, then straight back down into this 'lunge position.' repeat x 10 for each leg. 

Skull crushers superset with chest press

Skull crusher: begin with the barbell above your chest, then bend your forearms so that it is just the top part of your arms which lowers the barbell towards your forehead, keeping your elbows parallel to each other.  The focus of this move is on your triceps.

Chest press: place your hands on the bar so that they are about an inch apart. Then lower the bar towards the top of your chest, and pulse upwards 10 times!  Keep the focus on your chest area as this is the main muscle you are working.

Diamond push-up

Get into a plank position and place your hands out below your chest in a 'diamond shape' and lower your chest towards the floor.  If this is too difficult, put your knees on the floor and aim to get your chest to the ground with each rep.

Remember, women can do anything in the gym that men can do.  Technique should be your priority here, rather than how 'heavy' you are lifting.  Keep each move very slow and controlled, and focus in on the muscle you are working by constantly keeping it in mind whilst you are doing the move.

I would love to know if you have attempted the routine and how you got on, so please let me know in the comments section below!

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