Fitness Blog: Get Gorgeous Legs and Glutes Fast With This 30 Minute Workout

Look great in your skinny jeans this winter with my 30 minute workout, which will not only shape your legs and give you heavenly glutes but also burn major calories! 

Who wants to spend 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill when you can do your cardio and strength training all-in-one with this explosive workout?!  Plus, it will speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day thanks to the "after-burn" effect.

How long this "after-burn" effect lasts depends on how hard you train.  It can last up to 48 hours! 

You need to exercise for a shorter time at a higher intensity rather than long and steady as this burns more fat.  Perfect for us busy students!  If your workout is only going to take 30 minutes, there's no excuse not to squeeze it into your day!

This workout is done circuit-style, so you will be doing each move one after the other continuously.

First, it is crucial that you warm up.  Use these three lower body exercises to get the blood flowing and prepare your body for the strenuous exercise ahead!

Warm up (Repeat twice through):

·         1 minute squats.

·         1 minute side lunges.

·         1 minute lunges.

You will be doing each exercise for 1 minute.  If you are a beginner, do each exercise for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds.  Let's go!

Kettle Bell Swings

They burn 20 calories per minute! Kettle bell swings work not only your butt and legs, but also your core and arms.

Push-ups with Leg Extension

This move works your glutes, legs, biceps, core and back. Each time you lower your chest towards the floor, you will push one leg to the side.  For the next push-up, you will use the other leg.  If you are a beginner, start in a push up position, doing the leg movement the same way, without a push-up. 

Donkey Kicks

This is a great isolation move for your butt.  Rest elbows and knees on the floor.  Raise one leg up towards the ceiling with your knee bent, and squeeze your butt at the top.  Repeat on each leg for 30 seconds.


The focus of this move is mainly on the glutes and the hamstrings.  Be sure to keep your chest facing forwards, your back straight, squeeze your butt at the top, and keep your knees slightly bent. It's all about the form!

Rest for 1 minute, then repeat this sequence another 3 times.

Squat Jumps

This is another plyometric move which is amazing for burning calories and working all your muscles.  Begin with your legs shoulder- width apart, then bend your knees into a squat.  Jump as high as possible. When you hit the ground again, it is important that you go straight back into the squat position to avoid damaging your joints.

Calf Raises

Leaning with your arms outstretched against a wall, place one leg behind the other.  Raise your foot up and down so that your heel slightly goes onto the floor each time.  This will really start to burn after a while.  It means you're doing it right!  30 seconds on each leg.

Bridge Variation

Place your feet onto a raised platform in front of you, such as a step or a bench. Raise your hips up, and then put one leg out straight.  Lower this leg slowly up and down.  This move works your abs as well as butt.  Repeat on each side for 30 seconds.

Curtsy Lunges

Keeping your weight in your left foot, place your right leg behind, crossing it behind your left leg as if you're doing a "curtsy."  Repeat for 30 seconds on each leg.

Rest for 1 minute, then repeat this sequence another 3 times.

Ensure you stretch afterwards!

Gym Essentials That I Recommend:


·         Herbalife meal-replacement shake.  It is the perfect blend of carbs and protein to refuel after your workout.  It is very important that you consume protein after you train to build the muscle in your legs and glutes!

·         I recently bought some lovely items from Sweaty Betty.  Definitely worth investing in!

·         Victoria's Secret sports bra. 

·         Coconut Water.  Rehydrate with electrolytes after your workout!

·         Tropic Skin Care cleanser.  An all-natural plant-based skincare company based in Leeds.

·         Adidas iPod armband to listen to music whilst you train and keep you motivated!

Let me know how you get on!  Have fun with it!


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