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Fashion Blog: Winter Edition

Christmas List : Silver Service


One of the hottest jewellery brands about, Tilly Sveaas has got some fine things amongst her collections that will be on my christmas list this year and I'm sure on the lists of friends and family so it's a good site to go to when stuck with what to get for a gift. Reasonably priced and always on trend visit www.silverservicejewellery.co.uk and check it out
On my list this year




Love all these pieces as i am sure y'all will

If I won the Lottery...

All that glitters

You can't help but notice the party season creeping in on us. Christmas adverts on television and lights appearing on the streets of leeds and in shop windows. Scary thoughts as that means the end of term is nearing when most have us have only just started knuckling down. Fashion has also caught the festive fever and in the shops you will notice the amount of sparkle, embellishment and metallic sheen that tops, jackets and jeans are ladden with.
My favourite picks for this trend is from River Island....
Getting ready for a night out in winter can be tough because let's face it Leeds in the day can feel like Alaska but you wouldn't put on a polar neck for tequila. You can keep warm and look good like wearing wooly tights that gives your outfit an edge, matching it with lipstick. Wooly tights can also dress down an outfit and make it look less summery so if you had a little dress you still want to bring out - match it with some tights and your warm and doesn't look like you have forgotten what season we are in.
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