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Fashion Blog – Vogue’s Hottest Night Out in Lisbon

The clock strikes 19:00 pm. One would think that shops were closing at this time, right? 

Wrong. The doors remain invitingly open, and the employers hand out glasses of Champagne, in hopes of luring the crowd into purchasing.  It is at this tell tale hour that some of Portuguese’s most finest, and well-dressed fashionistas make their way through Avenida de Liberdade’s topnotch stores in a shopacholic trance. With the casual trot of Loubiton heels, and the swish of credit cards, September the 13th brings round the glitz of Vogue’s hottest fashion night in Lisbon. And no one dares to miss it.

(Tivoli Square hang out area)

As a global initiative, Fashion’s Night out has effectively celebrated it’s fourth fashion year in style.
What’s a better way to boost the industry’s economy during recession than to shop until you drop?

As a newcomer to this yearly event myself, I was naturally impressed by the pink cocktails and edgy Dj’s that marked the special occasion with glamorous models. But what transfixed me was that despite having lived in Portugal for over ten years, the Portuguese public was unrecognizable to me. The women are known for their simple bare-faced beauty and casual clothing. And the men are respectfully famous for their boring suits and down to earth t-shirt-jeans combo. Yet Vogue’s event transformed Lisbon goers into stylish, classy folks.

(Fashion guru trying to hail a cab amongst the crowded Avenida de Liberdade)


The men were groomed in sharp, trendy suits. The women dressed in flowing dresses and skirts, cleverly combining rich pale colours with their golden tans.  I myself felt like a dull comer. Having accidently stumbled upon the event, I was not fashionably prepared for the utter coolness that oozed the streets of Lisbon.  Nonetheless, I made the most of soaking up the chic ambience, and was even enticed by the Prada and Versace stalls.

There was just one teeny problem. For many of the public, some of the most finest, top-chain stores are sadly way over their salary rates. Whilst my eyes indulged in the products at display, my mind fantasized about purchasing half the items in the store. Like most Portuguese people, Vogue Fashion Night Out is a more of a, “I went to thing”, rather than a, “I bought this and that thing”.

(Passerby’s strolling amongst the busy streets of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out)

Remarkably, no fuss was made over the high-costly shops. The Vogue event was marked with celebrity style yet bizzarely enough you felt at home. Some forgot about their money troubles for a change and relaxed, whilst others paraded around in their polished outfits, cocktail in hand, and ready to complete some serious shopping business.

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