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Enter the Blogosphere: Eight Blogs to Inspire

When procrastinating, after all of the ‘on demand’ programmes have been watched and you know all of the words from the script of ‘The Notebook’, why not expand or annihilate your lack of motivation with a bit of light blog viewing? Quite often I find that I feel the tingling in my brain when I realise I have been inspired; I can then get up and the backside dint on the mattress can be left to regain its form. Having a blog looks really good on your CV- so if you like the look of these, try one of your own! These are a few blogs that are good at waking up the old brain cells:

Matthew Howorth

You don’t have to be a Disney lover to appreciate Matthew’s style. The boy is 19 years old and painstakingly creates these masterpieces. What is amazing is that the digital style has all of the detail of a pencil drawing. The content of the blog is usually the newest art/illustrations, but there is usually a caption which shows the worries we generally have in our youth.

It is reassuring, in a way, that such talent has the same worries as us mere mortals. What we should take from this is that the blog can exhibit our talents. We don’t need to be able to execute adorable illustrations- a blog is a space for anything you find interesting. Although doodling mermaids does sound fun…     


You might want to explore the glorious software that is ‘Google Translate’ for this one, as it’s in Russian for the most part. The journal is compiled of what inspires the blog author. It’s quite clever really- she has an eye for what will make you feel all gooey inside, á la when Patrick Swayze swan lifts Jennifer Gray in ‘Dirty Dancing’. The blog is one long feeling of that. She picks out the stuff you watch an entire film or read an entire book for and puts them into one big, happy blog.

Post Secret

This one most people have heard of by now, but in case you haven’t you really should look.  Sunday mornings are no longer just Sunday mornings. I will admit it; I always have a little tear because of this website. The format is brilliant. Basically, people anonymously send secrets in and a selection are placed on the website. Some make you smile, and some (like bel0w) make you cringe.

Tavi Gevinson

This one’s a bit mind-blowing. Tavi first came to media attention for her blog when she was 13 years old. She is now 15 and in charge of her own magazine (based on the original ideas for the blog). There isn’t anything particularly fancy or hard to understand about the format. She is a fashion blogger more than anything else- but her age and eye have catapulted her into a blogging legend.

The most interesting thing about the blog (in my humble opinion) is how intelligently written it is. University does often knock you down when you realise you don’t actually know how to structure a fancy sentence, but Tavi’s style shows how simple prose can be the most poignant and stupefying to read.

Joe Sinclair and Katie Mackay

This one is added with a sniffle; the blog reached its completion last month. For three years, Katie wore a different outfit every day. Without fail. There should be some serious applause going on when she walks past people on the street. What a hero.

In a way, the blog is better to read now that it is extinct. The full extent of the dedication can be witnessed on the hundreds of posts. As time goes on, you get to see their relationship change too which is both soppy and a bit cute.

British Beauty Blogger

Now for an indulgent blog. The author is actually in the beauty industry and reviews hundreds of different products. She obviously enjoys the materialistic, but she’s on this list because she is really good with problems our faces can encounter. For example, adult acne is something that is tedious to deal with and sometimes tragic for self esteem. The beauty blogger shows how it’s actually a really common problem, so if you struggle with persistent spots it’s worth having a search through the blog for healthy ways of keeping really good care of your skin.

Leeds Photo-blog

A bit of motivation to get out and have a look around our beautiful city. It covers most areas of Leeds- and our beautiful Leeds University has been featured a few times. It can be easy to ‘forget’ to look up from your feet when it’s nine in the morning and you’re on your way to a lecture or, god forbid, you are doing a ‘walk of shame.’ Why not be cheered up by our own lovely Leeds-above pavement.

Kim Laidlaw Adrey

This blog is not just for lovers of France. It is inspiring because it is about somebody acting upon impulse and the reader gets to see how it is actually working out really well. The biggest worry in my mind- and i’m sure of many students- it what happens after university. Human anxiety says that I’ll end up homeless or in something that is not related to what was planned or wanted. Kim went to study in France and never left. This kind of impulse-action makes my eye twitch in both jealousy and admiration. The blog is quite travel-guide-esque; with what would be good to do in France if you are British and not so up to scratch with the language. It’s basically a woman living her dream.

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