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Don’t Look Up Review: When Fiction Comes to Life

This is definitely a movie that made me stop and think “uh oh” throughout. Not because I felt fear for the characters or because the storyline was a mystery, but it was precisely the fact the ending was predictable from the beginning. Don’t Look Up is an apocalyptic satire, to say the least; whilst they were awaiting and reacting to their impending death in the film, a parallel is clearly drawn between us as viewers because (not to sound like Jennifer Lawrence’s character Kate Dibiasky) so are we.

The premise of this film is that scientists discover a catastrophic meteor that’s predicted to make an impact on planet Earth, causing the mass extinction of every life form. The movie follows the government and the public’s reaction to the news and how they cope with said imminent disaster.

Whilst many apocalyptic films don’t make me reflective, as the likelihood of Earth being plagued with zombies the following day is extremely slim to none, ‘Don’t Look Up’ accurately echoes reality. Not just in terms of its overarching message, but the way the characters within it all respond to the crisis.

From the presidential ruling’s similarity to the Trump administration, and the unscrupulous greed and corruption of the 1% craving for more riches at the expense of others- nothing is dissimilar to what is happening in the present. The whole movie alludes to the potential of ruin with the effects of climate change being symbolised through the meteor if we don’t put aside our political ideologies, personal motivations and for some, ignorance.

I find the casting of the film interesting- it’s not every day you see so many household names in one movie. I don’t know if it was simply by chance that the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ariana Grande (to name a few) just so happened to be the best fit for their roles, or if it was an intentional ploy to lure viewers into watching the movie.

I personally think the casting choice was made not only to spread the message but, also as an allegorical means to emphasise the prevalent flaws of human nature. As depicted on-screen and evident in reality, unfortunately, many will only consider a fact or opinion if it’s coming from a person of authority, or one they value to be influential.  

If one thing is to be taken from this film, it’s that you don’t always have to see it to believe it; hopefully for us, it doesn’t reach that stage.

Words by: Michele Ngue-Awane

Edited by: Tamikka Reid

Hiya! I'm a first year Law student at the University of Leeds a lover of anything music, food and fashion related!
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