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Date Night With Your Guy, Date Night With Your Girls


Valentine’s Day is coming up and (love it or hate it) it marks a day of celebration around the world; in my eyes this definitely means an excuse to buy a new outfit. Whether you’re single or not, Valentine’s Day is not an excuse to wallow on the sofa Bridget Jones- style drinking vino and devouring a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable! So, if you are going out for dinner with your boyfriend, make the effort and buy a nice outfit; splash out and I’m sure it will be appreciated. Likewise, if you are single and having an evening with your girls, it is not excuse to look your worst… buy some new PJs or a comfy tracksuit, just make sure you feel good this Valentine’s.

So, for the girls in a relationship…

The chances are that this Valentine’s Day you are having a romantic meal with your boyfriend, and there is no doubt that you want to look your best. I find that around Valentine’s Day people get too worked up about getting nice underwear; don’t get me wrong, this is important, but unless you are going to be parading around Leeds semi- naked I’d focus on what is over your delicates.



This dress from missguided.com costs £22.99. It is perfect for a slightly laid- back vibe, with the tartan pattern making it bang on trend and the chiffon and v- neck keeping the look feminine.

If you fancy showing a bit more flesh this black dress could be ideal. The length means the piece doesn’t look too revealing, but when you turn around you expose your back. This could either be worn braless or- if you aren’t that brave- you could team this with a chiffon bra with lacy straps. This is from Urban Outfitters and costs £38.



I couldn’t resist putting these two dresses in, admittedly they are a little expensive, but they are just so pretty! The pink item on the left is from ‘And Other Stories’ and costs £55. I love how unusual it is and the colour is perfect.

The quirky dress featuring the lips is from ‘Alice and Olivia’, and can be bought in the UK via net-a-porter. This dress would definitely get you noticed and is the ultimate Valentine’s Day dress. With a price tag of £610 it is not cheap, but the detail is amazing. You would never need to worry about what to wear on Valentine’s again! Surely this makes it an investment??

And last but not least, the single girls…

I hate the stereotype attached to single girls near Valentine’s Day: the image of them sobbing into their pillows in teddy bear PJs.  This is not true, just because you are single and staying in does not give you license to wear teddy bear pajamas! You aren’t required to buy a present for your beaux, so why not get some new PJs? Okay… so it’s not quite as exciting, but remember comfort is everything.

When buying pajamas I nearly always go to ‘Hollister’ or ‘Gilly Hicks’, because they are truly comfortable and fairly reasonably priced. Also, they usually offer the same style of pajama in a full length leg or shorts. These bottoms are £34 and £24. 



Or perhaps if you fancy something different, I suggest you look on ASOS. This tartan set costs a total of £26 and looks really comfortable, great for a chilled evening in. This pale pink satin teddy costs £25 (but definitely looks more expensive), making it perfect for a fun evening in with the girls.

So, whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself! 

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Isabel Atherton


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