Dancers and singers "Expose" their jaw-dropping talents!

Being a huge fan of the arts, of course I had to make it down to the Exposed show on 3rd December and I can assure you I was not disappointed. A collaboration between Dance Exposé, Street Dance, and the Song Smiths was more than I could imagine, with diversity between each and every performance the audience crammed into the Mine bar to experience the chain reaction of spectacles yet to engulf them.

The night began with Dance Exposé performing a mix between '20's jazz and toned down Beyoncé, with blue sequin outfits and headbands to blow your mind. The update performance was magical, almost Disney Land-esque, with an upbeat flapper style merging into street dance. All members moved in unison with an awe-shocking infusion of dance styles that truly set the standard high for the rest of the show!  We weren’t to be disappointed either. The DJ then formally introduced the show, promising an unforgettable night.

Michael Jackson must have been partial inspiration for the next piece as the dancers ran onstage in full 'Smooth Criminal' get up (briefcases included), with a smooth, fluid street dance accompanying the suits and ties (no Justin Timberlake reference intended!). However, I must say my favourite piece followed shortly after with a solo piece from surely one of Exposé's finest. Starting with a beautifully slowed down beat of Beyoncé's 'Sweet Dreams', the dancer performed a contemporary dance with unbelievable grace, which I have no other words to describe other than mesmerising. Though I will add that I was shocked at how she didn’t even break a sweat! These dancers were dutifully well trained for the show as each act seemed completely effortless.

Following this breath-taking performance, Leeds University's very own edition of 'Glee' came to the stage. Of course I'm talking about the Song Smiths. The crowd were clapping and swaying along to the group's takes on ‘Dancing in September’, 'Miss You' and' Rolling in the Deep', with smiles all-round the room, including on the faces of the singers! The inconceivable vocal ability these members were demonstrating was unimaginable; I believe they hit every note of ‘Thriller’ pitch perfect! The show-stopping moment came when the acapella group burst into their rendition of 'Ghostbusters' leaving the audience in absolute stitches! With karate kicks, air guitar solos and non-stop laughter from the audience, it's safe to say we were convinced that the group "ain't afraid of no ghosts"!

The Exposé dance troupe then returned to stage with a series of awesome performances including a tap number, jazz performance and a sweet yet ever-so-cheeky duet, which seemed like an all dancing version of a romantic comedy. The duo were dressed in black and white and worked so well together to create a wonderfully charming exhibition. A great spectacle from the show came from a Caribbean/African themed dance which genuinely left the audience with huge smiles on their faces! The jolly Hawaiian shirts provided a nice break from the cold winter outside, with the members wearing them with gold sequinned flannels in true Brazilian carnival fashion. Honestly one of the most uplifting performances I’ve ever seen; leapfrogs included!

Break dancers took the stage next, where their anti-gravity stunts got my jaw to successfully hit the floor. It was amazing how these individuals could demonstrate the drummer’s live beat flowing through their bodies, with a series of backflips, spins and a move which closely resembled the motion of a bendy ruler. A hint of comedy was added to the act with the artists teasing us with pretending to “almost” fall down and smiling with us, needless to say they were enjoying every second!

Last but not least, the group came onstage in all black, Moulin Rouge attitudes in tow with an incredible performance to truly sum up what an amazing evening the audience got to experience. Dancers glided across the room with a fabulously upbeat demeanour, showcasing their talent and definitely bringing out a little green monster in the women of the audience; these girls looked absolutely stunning! The steamy number had everyone tingling with excitement.

The beautiful array of dance styles exhibited in the show was astounding and time flew by so quickly I was shocked at how the hour and a half passed. Though unsurprisingly it was very well spent, as the spell-binding show counted for an outstanding night that I believe neither I nor the entire audience will soon be forgetting.

Alex Farley-Wood

Image Source: My own