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Grab your Christmas hat and head on down to the Leeds Christmas Market!

Ho, ho, ho people of Leeds, it’s that time of year again! With the first flakes of snow decorating our streets and dotting our coats, there couldn’t be a better week for the return of Christkindelmarkt in Leeds this Friday, 11th November.

Wrap up warm with all the necessities, (even throw on a Christmas jumper if you’re super keen!) and head over to Millennium Square that has already been transformed into the festive German markets for the official opening for Christmas 2016. To all of you Scrooges’ out there; just have a quick sneak peak, and see if this little bubble of Christmas can bring you a bit of festive joy!

Every year, the city of Leeds huddles together amongst the wooden huts, covered in various Christmas décor, from gingerbread hearts to colourful burbles, as they follow the maze in and out of the stalls to seek out a festive decoration or scrumptious treat! The air is tinted with the fresh, inviting aromas of sweet waffles and spiced mulled wine. Couples go hand in hand, while groups of friends laugh over a pint of German beer. Could you possibly ever be unhappy in such a magical place?!

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s November. Early November in fact. Let’s settle down and have a bit of chill time before the madness of the Christmas season sets in. That’s cute. But really, once those Witch costumes are thrown to the back of the cupboard for next Halloween, I’m all about bringing out the Santa hat, rocking a festive jumper and blasting some Christmas carols! Why wouldn’t you want to extend the most wonderful time of the year (to quote Andy Williams’ cracking song!)?

There’s plenty of food to choose from so you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice! Fill up on warm crepes, laced in Nutella, or if you’re of the more daring sort, opt for the thicker, delicious waffles! There’s also a stall that sells (my personal favourite) mouth-watering churros dashed with cinnamon sugar. A donut stick – what could be more appetising? Of course, you’re never too far from the famous German wurst. With a variety of flavours to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect sausage to tickle your fancy! There’s the standard flavour for you plain Jane’s, or you can add a bit of spice to your sausage with the hot wurst, and if you really want to have a bit more fun in your bun, opt for the cheese filled ‘dog’. And then, if you’re like me, drown that sausage in mustard and ketchup! But fret not my non-meat loving friends, there are lots of other scrumptious dishes to fill up on – including those delightful little circle shaped potato pancakes. And if they’re not up to your standard (I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be!) don’t let tradition fail you; get your hands on a salted doughy pretzel.

Once you’ve hit the food coma (believe me, it won’t take long) and waddled past the crowds, polish it off with a pint. If you’re after something a little different, warm up on a baileys hot chocolate or add a bit of flavour to your taste buds with some mulled wine! There are, of course, non-alcoholic drinks available, but let’s be honest, Christmas is the season to be merry with a little bit of sherry!

This is a family place too, so expect little eager faces to be dazzled by the lights and chocolates as they try to escape from their parents’ grasps to get their little hands on as many goods as possible. You can expect to come across the fun fairground rides that ought to keep the young ones entertained, but the rides aren’t strictly for the kids so embrace your inner child and have a ball on the carousal. Why not? It’s Christmas, anything goes!

The markets are here until 18th December so be sure to check them out and take advantage of this amazing food that is on your doorstep! Not to mention this means that now Christmas practically starts in November!


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