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Celebrity Social Media Blog: Valentines Day- Celeb Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Valentines Day As if celebrity couples need another excuse to display their affection all over the likes of Twitter and InstagramFrom massive bouquets of roses to lavish weekends away, we’ve seen it all! And love was most certainly in the air this year, by the looks of last weeks social media… 


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick 





Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have had a turbulent relationship since they started dating in 2007. With numerous break-ups, cheating allegations, family feuds, and a rejected marriage proposal, there is no doubt that the couple’s relationship has been a rocky one. But with their third baby on the way, and Scott’s promised sobriety, it seems the couple are back on track. 


Instagram confirmed our theory that the reality TV star’s relationship is stronger than ever, with both sharing heartfelt mementos with their combined 21 million followers. Scott posted an old picture of himself and Kourtney, and shared a quote honouring his long term girlfriend: “I’ll say after all this time and all these years together, she can still surprise me and still lighten up my day and my heart”. 


Kourtney similarly wished her boyfriend, and father of her two (soon to be three) children a Happy Valentine’s Day, with another flashback Instagram post. The celebration comes just a few weeks after scandalous claims that Scott was having an affair with Kourtney’s younger half-sister, Kendall Jenner. Thankfully, it seems the couple have ignored the ridiculous accusations, showing the world that nothing can break them. 


Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan 


Unsurprisingly, ex- Corrie star Michelle Keegan, and her TV personality fiancé Mark Wright, fell victims to Cupids arrow. With a gushing Instagram post in tribute to her fiancé, Michelle let us all know just how loved up she was this Valentines Day. As arguably the UK’s hottest celeb couple, Mark and Michelle became engaged in 2013, and ever since have been guilty of sharing a few too many couple selfies.  


In an interview with Now Magazine, the soon to be Mrs Wright claimed that the couple were yet to make any Valentines Day plans due to their busy schedules, and instead said she was looking forward to a “chilled out night” at home. Evidently, Mark had other ideas, sending his fiancé a gorgeous bunch of red roses. Michelle was obviously pleased with her surprise gift, shamelessly captioning an image of the bouquet with: “every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite.” With what’s promised to be the wedding of the year to take place in May, be prepared for an array of cringey updates 


Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green 





It was a shock to everyone when Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green first got together back in 2011, with many doubting how long it would last. It seemed far from a match made in heaven due to their contrasting backgrounds, with Millie being a privately educated heiress to the Quality Street fortune and a star of Made in Chelsea, and Professor Green being a Hackney born and bred rapper and former drug dealer 


Howeversince they tied the knot in September 2013, it seems Millie and her husband– real name Stephen- are one of the strongest couples around! And Millie made sure her followers knew this, with several images of her Valentines Day celebrations, as well as lyrics to the song “Case of You” in tribute to her husband.

Molly Cassidy

All Images avaialble on the Celebrities Instagram Pages.

Hi I'm Molly!I'm a first year Management student from the University of Leeds.