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Campus Celebrity: Stephanie Uwalaka

This week Her Campus Leeds talks to Stephanie Uwalaka, Co-President of our chapter! 

Hi Stephanie! So, tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Stephanie, I’m 21 and in my second year of studying French at Leeds, I’m from London and I’m Co-President of Her Campus Leeds!

What made you want to get involved in HC?

Well, I first joined Her Campus a couple of years ago because I wanted to write for a student publication and thought that Her Campus looked really fun to do and was quite attracted by the fact that it was aimed at female students! Last year I got more involved in HC Leeds, writing and editing mostly, which I really enjoyed and found the committee and at the socials were so welcoming and made some great new friends! And then at the end of last year I applied for the role of Co-President as I wanted to work on my leadership skills as well as stay as part of Her Campus, and this year I am so proud of all the work we’ve done as a committee and feel like it’s literally flown by!

What’s a typical week like for you?

Okay, my average week is pretty busy as I’m also Features editor for The Gryphon and from time to time I run events for LUU Yoga society too – so I have to balance my time well between the three! And after being so involved in societies this year I feel I have mastered my time management because of this! On a Monday after all my lectures, we have the Her Campus writers’ meeting where I ask and find out what our writers ideas are for any upcoming articles, we also have a nice chat and catch up too, so sometimes we run over! On a Tuesday, I have my Features writer’s meeting where I do a similar thing and organise the articles that are going to print for Features in The Gryphon that week. On Wednesdays, we get an email with feedback from Her Campus HQ so we know how well we’re doing! On Thursdays, I set up the Kundalini yoga class upstairs in the union and attend the class as well, this is when I feel my week is kind of over (apart from work!). At the end of the week, I’m usually in the library doing work, then maybe have a movie night in with friends or a night out over the weekend – it’s not always all work and no play! I think it’s really important to enjoy everything you’re doing which is why I think I can handle all my roles and still enjoy every minute! 

How can people get involved with HC?

I cannot stress how easy it is to get involved with the HC Leeds team! You can come along to our writers meeting which are every Monday during term in LUU Room 1 and ask any questions about how you might want to get involved with us and what Her Campus is about; you can write, edit, do social media and don’t feel like you have to do any one thing either! Or alternatively if you can’t make the meetings email us at stephandellahc@gmail.com with any ideas for articles or if you’d like to join the team. You can also just buy your membership on the LUU website and come along to meetings and our socials to get to know everyone!

Anything exciting planned that we should know about?

Our spring print edition is still on sale and may be hitting the shelves of Essentials in the union soon, which would be amazing! This week, we have just elected our new committee for next year (Congratulations again everyone!) so look forward to showing them the ropes next term, but will definitely miss being on and working with one of the best committees I know! I’m sure we also have couple more exciting socials next term as well so keep an eye out on our Facebook group for the events! And of course there are more writer’s meetings next term so look forward to hearing people’s ideas for articles!

Anything else to add?

I have had the best time being Co-president for Her Campus Leeds (can’t believe how quickly this year’s gone!) and again I’m so proud of all the work the committee has put into the print edition as well as keeping up weekly tasks for online. Can’t recommend new members to join enough! I really think that Her Campus Leeds Team is one of the best teams to be a part of and also feel that we have done SO well this year as a society!






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