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Campus Celebrity: Sarah Inman-Rollin

This week Her Campus Leeds talks to Sarah Inman-Rollin, the newest Captain of Leeds Celtics Cheerleading!

Sarah on top after placing 1st at Nationals!

Hey Sarah! Thanks for chatting to us. Tell us a bit about yourself...

My name is Sarah Inman-Rollin, I study Philosophy and I am from Yorkshire. I’m a Celtic cheerleader and I love to travel. I recently volunteered in a dog shelter in Thailand, which was a great and eye-opening experience! Oh and I also have a slight obsession with unicorns and glitter(lol).

How did you get involved with Cheer?

I first joined cheer in my first year, when I became part of the University Pom Team which is a competitive dance team. I loved being part of such a fantastic team and society, it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made! This marked the beginning of a journey filled with glitter, hairspray and spandex. In my second year, I joined the stunt teams and became Pom Coach which gave me a different perspective of being part of a team. As I wanted to continue my involvement with the Celtics next year, I successfully ran for Captain.

Sarah with her Pom team

What’s a typical week like for you? 

A typical week for me this year consisted of a ridiculous amount of cheerleading and uni work. I spent most of my days choreographing, and stretching until my legs almost fell off. I trained with the Stunt Teams on Thursdays, Pom Team on Fridays and occasionally joined the Match Team to support the American Football team on Sundays. If I was not at training, you’d find me either studying in Brotherton Library or shotting tequila in Fruity!

Sarah with the rest of the Level 1 stunt team

What’s your favourite thing about Cheerleading?

There are so many things that I love about cheerleading! It’s a really exciting sport with so many different aspects! My favourite thing about Cheer this year was watching the Pom Team absolutely smash my choreography, placing second twice! It was also really rewarding to see the rest of the Celtics performing so well and smashing it in their own divisions.

Anything exciting planned for next year that we should know about?

YES… but I’m not telling you…but you should be EXCITED!!!!!

Anything else to add?

The Cheerleading Society at Leeds offers great opportunities for people with any level of skill. From Match team supporting Basketball and American Football, to competitive Dance and Stunt Teams, there really is place for everyone. I had never done cheerleading before coming to Uni and now I am Captain of one of the biggest sports societies at Leeds. I have learnt how through hard work and perseverance you can really achieve anything! If you’re thinking about giving it a go and joining Cheer next year, you should definitely do it! It’s a decision that you won’t regret!

Leeds Celtics Cheer 2016!

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