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Campus Celebrity: Mara West

This week Her Campus Leeds talks to Mara West, social secretary of Leeds University Union Women's Cricket Club (LUUWCC)!

Hey Mara, thanks for chatting to us! So, us a bit about yourself...

Hey I’m Mara! I’m from North London and currently in my second year studying Product Design student at the University of Leeds. I play with LUUWCC and have been social sec this year.

How did you get involved with cricket?

I first started playing cricket when I was about 8. I went to a primary school where cricket was a really important part of the culture, and the head teacher took a particularly keen interest in the team. The league that the school played in required you to have at least two girls on the team, so they set up trials to try and find two girls and I got through. We did ended up winning our league, and won the chance to play at Lords at a West Indies match. That’s how I started playing cricket and I’ve been playing on and off ever since! When I got to Uni, I decided to re-start and that’s why I’m playing now.

What’s a typical week like for you?

Each week is a challenge, balancing cricket, Leeds Student Radio and keeping on top of my course! On a Monday, I present ‘The Beat’ with Leeds Student Radio, and then sometimes I go out in the evening. Tuesday, I’m down at Weetwood for cricket training, and then Wednesday is match day. Then there’s obviously the social after, which is always loads of fun. Thursday morning sometimes suffers as a result, but then I’m back at Weetwood in the afternoon for training. I’m making a film highlighting the issues faced by women from cricket/sport associations, so I’ll often take my camera along and try and get some shots. On Friday I do the breakfast show with LSR in the morning and I’m known to frequent Fruity at the union every so often. On the weekend I tend to try and get some work done, or go climbing with my housemates. The weather's getting much better so I’m trying to spend as much time outside as possible!

How can people get involved in cricket?

Really easily! Join our facebook group LUUWCC 2015/2016, that’s where everything is posted. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the committee members! It's never too late to join!

Anything exciting planned that we should know about?

Yes! Varsity is on the 12th May and also we have our charity open mic night coming up on the 11th May (details to be announced soon.). Otherwise we have matches at Weetwood every week, and everyone’s welcome to come and watch us.

Anything else to add?

LUUWCC is the fantastic! If you're looking for a friendly, welcoming, fully inclusive sports club to join, we’re definitely your best bet! Come join the family!

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