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Campus Celebrity: Lucy Saunders

Her Campus Leeds got chatting to Lucy Saunders, the Treasurer of Anime society.

1. Hi Lucy, tell us a bit about yourself- where are you from, what are you studying, what are your interests?
Well, I’m a second year student studying pharmacology, and I’m treasurer of Anime society. I’m originally from a town near Birmingham, and my interests include anime, games and cooking!
2. How did you first get involved in Anime Society?
During my month at Uni I decided to go along to the Anime Soc GIAG. There was a tour around Leeds, followed by a zombie-themed night out. I met some amazing people, and decided to start going along to the weekly meetings.
3. What’s the best thing about it?
I think the people are the best. It feels like a family, in a way, as everyone seems to get along really well. It’s also lovely that everyone shares a lot of interests.
4. What made you want to become Treasurer?
During the second semester GIAG the treasurer couldn’t be around to help, so I volunteered to look after the money for that event. I really enjoyed getting involved, and everyone seemed to think I’d make a good treasurer, so I decided to run during the March AGM.
5. What’s a typical week like for you?
Anime holds weekly showings. We in Old Bar from 5:30 every Thursday, before going over to a lecture theatre to watch some stuff. Afterwards, we tend to go down to Whetherspoons for food, then across to Fab Cafe for a drink!
6. Do you have exciting planned that we should know about?
Sadly, I don’t. We’ve just had our AGM, and we’re in the process of changing the committee over. But it is exciting to see what the new people have planned!
7. How can students get involved?
Anime Soc is always open to new people. Students are welcome to come along to our weekly meetings and say Hi! We also have a Facebook group so students can keep up to date with what we’re planning.
Student of BA Linguistics and Philosophy and 2014/15 Her Campus Leeds Co-President
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