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Campus Celebrity – ICS President Rosie Pike

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Alongside studying for her degree, Rosie Pike has landed the role of President of ICS Society this year. Heading up the society for creative media types must be fun, right? We caught up with Rosie to find out how she was getting on with her new role.

What degree are you studying for?
Broadcast Journalism, which is quite a self-explanatory course title!

What’s your dream job after graduating?
Such a tough question, I have no idea anymore! As is the case with so many undergrads, my mind is changing constantly and I find myself questioning it all the time. So watch this space!

What made you want to go for the role?
Obviously a society committee position is a really good thing to have on your CV, but I also really enjoyed being a member of the soc last year so I wanted to be more involved. It’s one of those things I would have really regretted not trying for!

What are your main aims this year as president?
This year I’d love the society to win a Riley Award! But also just to get lots of new members and give them experiences that they might not otherwise get (for example TV studio workshops and trips to watch Jeremy Kyle Live, stuff our courses don’t offer).


So far what does a typical week involve for you as president?
So far I’ve been so busy! We recently had our fresher’s fair debut so we had a lot of prep for that and we’ve been speaking in welcome lectures which has been fun! We’re also currently planning our first social and pending trips, not to mention our upcoming GIAG.

Is there anything you’re especially excited to do, or organise for the society this year?
Definitely our end of year ball! Such a highlight of the year for everyone in the ICS department, and last year was such a success so I’m hoping I can meet expectations again this year.

Being president of a society must take up a lot of time, how do you balance this with studies, and having a social life?
Yep, something I’ve definitely found out this week. I keep being warned by tutors to expect a massive jump in workload from last year so that’s pretty daunting. Particularly with any communications student we’re all keen to get as involved as possible with all the media societies, the TV station and Radio etc, so there’s also that to balance as well as friends and boyfriend!
It’s especially hectic at the moment having to settle into a new house too. I don’t think I could function without lists: the memos on my phone are endless and I have a diary for presidential duties which helps a lot.

Why would you encourage new ICS students join ICS Soc, what benefits will they gain from it?
The ability to network is such an important thing in the industries which appeal to ICS students so I think joining the soc will help that massively; meeting lifelong friends but also later work connections is really vital. But as well, the experiences you gain and the insight into the industries we provide is invaluable and something you might not get out of your course. And not forgetting the fun side: we’ve so many cool socials lined up as well as the ball, and other perks include discount cards for No Curfew and Voodoo which can save you so much money!

ICS Soc represents all students belonging to the Institute of Communications, which includes all those studying New Media, Broadcast Journalism, Media and Communications, and Cinema and Photography. You can join ICS Soc through the LUU website, and yearly membership is only £7. Keep up with what’s going on this year on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/479540395393582/?fref=ts

Bella Brooks