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Campus Celebrity: Helena Webb

This week Her Campus Leeds had a chat to the Weekend Editor of LSR Helena Webb.
1. Hi Helena, tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what are you studying, what are your interests?Hi there! I am a 4th year Broadcast Journalism student. I recently got back from a study abroad year in Brisbane, Australia. I like the sun, radio and good food. 2. Tell us about how you first got involved with LSR and, for those who don’t know, a bit about why it’s so great!LSR is one of the biggest and most inclusive societies at the union. You can get involved as much or as little as you like. Whether it’s a show, a 15 minute feature, reading the news or your interests lie in tech, marketing or production there is a place for you! I first got involved as a fresher with a celebrity gossip (I’m such a good journalism student) feature on the Drivetime shows. From there I got more involved in presenting shows in my second year and LSR events in general. 3. So, what made you want to become Weekend Editor? I wanted to make everyone feel involved in Leeds Student Radio from the beginning, whether a fresher or even in their last year. The editor positions are a really good way to do that. You get a chance to work with a huge range of people with different ideas and show’s which is really interesting. 4. What does the role involve? How do you get the balance?I help produce and oversee the shows that are on the weekend. It’s mostly about being a friendly face and offering support and advice to those who broadcast in the weekends and organising the schedule. We broadcast till 2am so it can be a challenge at times, but we have had such a good weekend team this semester, producing such great quality shows, they have made my job a joy. 5. What shows are you involved in? This semester I have produced The Student Cookbook, The Arts Show and Box Office. I have also had the chance to present my own show with my housemate called the Sound Squabble. We battle out music choices for an hour with silly categories (you really can do a show about anything).  
6. What’s the next step for LSR? What exciting plans/events do you have coming up? We are constantly doing live events. Stay tuned for big broadcasts for both the student and general elections in 2015!7. How can students get involved?We will be opening show proposals for next semester in the first couple of weeks at the start of next term and will also be looking for new presenters for our core shows! So stay updated on our website, facebook and twitter and we will let you know! Anyone can join, experience or not! We would love to hear from you. Just pop into the office to say hi any time, we are very friendly. Or email us on [email protected]8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?The office is upstairs in the union. Tune in on lsrfm.com/listen. Tweet us @thisislsr.


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