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Campus Celebrity- Aaron Passley

Aaron Passley – the man, the haircut, the legend.

Even if you haven’t seen the second year student’s afro art in the flesh, chances are your Instagram newsfeed will have been bombarded with a constant stream of snaps documenting his every move on campus.

But who is the man behind the hair? We caught up with the smooth-talking BNOC for a quick chat about his newfound fame.

Hi Aaron, what inspired you to cut your hair?

It was a pretty spontaneous decision stemming from revision boredom! I was totally oblivious to all the photos being taken of me until one of my housemates showed me on Facebook. Each picture seems to get closer and closer…points to the first person who gets a picture actually touching my head!  

Did you expect this level of attention when you decided to cut your hair?

Not at all, I enjoyed the attention for the first half an hour but when people would rather look at the back of your head than the front, it can get pretty lonely. A lot of people have asked if I’m fundraising for charity, I think I missed a trick there! I’m contemplating creating a Just Giving page for people to sponsor me to keep it. It seems to brighten people’s day a bit and I love that.

Do you have any plans for future hairstyles?

Not as of yet, but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Maybe I could rent out the back of my head as advertising space? My mum isn’t too pleased so I may have to get a “proper” haircut for a while before my next venture.

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