Budget Blog: How to Have a Her Campus Social on a Budget

You’re always guaranteed to have a good time on a social, it’s just that the cost can really put you off. So here we’re going to look at some options for society events that hopefully won’t damage your bank balance too much and how our very first social of the year fared against our student budgets.



Last week we had our first Her Campus social. For anyone who was there (or anyone who wasn’t and wishes they had been) here’s a quick look at how budget friendly it was.

As anyone who has ever done an Otley run during their time in Leeds knows, you basically spend a week’s worth of money in about 6 hours but by golly, is it worth it. Our “favourite movie characters” themed event allowed the perfect opportunity to use up any leftover Halloween pieces lying about. This was perfectly demonstrated by Voldemort, Geri Halliwell (alive rather than dead this time) and Mike Wazowski. With a bit of face paint and any old outfit pieces lying about you can create an economically friendly outfit that will get you in the spirit for running from bar to bar while making some new society buddies.

Also, for the cheeky and savvy ones of us at Her Campus *our social sec cough cough*, there is also the hip flask route. Though not something we would encourage, there is the option to bring a starter bottle of ‘juice’ to get you through the first few bars of the evening and save some pounds. Our first social was a raving success, ending up in the union and below are some highlights of the night accompanied by some stunning photos of the society in full swing!

1.  Attempting to take a photo outside every bar which proved difficult when trying to gather everyone together and finding someone who wouldn’t steal my phone (I’m cynical, what can I say?).

2.  The bouncers outside Original Oak thinking it was hilarious to pretend to take a group photo for us and actually taking a dashing selfie. Well now you’ve ended up on the internet, how do you feel Trevor and Steve? (See photo for comical effect).

3.  When we decided it was a bit too cold for our fragile, dressed up selves and skipped about 8 bars by getting the bus straight to the union. Patience isn’t exactly this society’s forte.

4.  The Frozen singalong on the top deck of the bus. What more could you ask for from a social and you did all vote for Alex as social sec, so what else did you expect?


Luckily for you guys, I’m your Social Sec so put your budget worries to the side and get ready for some more amazing events on the cheap! They’re all upcoming so watch this space and the facebook group for more brilliant socials, and please feel free to message either of us if you have more ideas to add to this list! Get ready for…

Trips to York

When the train only costs £8 for a return, a day trip out to the beautiful English city is a must! Whether it’s to see the sights, do a bit of Christmas shopping or head on down to York Designer Outlet for those of you with a little more cash in hand, it’s an exciting mini-adventure and a chance to experience another part of Yorkshire! Sure, it’s not exactly the Dales, but a pretty little city and, with all its Christmas decorations up, definitely an Instagram opportunity to say the least.

Movie Nights

Who doesn’t love a cosy little evening spent with friends watching your very favourite chick flick? There might be some dispute between whether to watch Clueless or Mean Girls first, but so long as everyone can participate in a Frozen sing-along I’m sure we’ll all be happy. With some popcorn and hot chocolate (we may as well be living on the North Mountain in Leeds) it’s a really cheap way to spend an evening and you’re guaranteed a few giggles too!

Christmas Social

Brace yourself, this might not be for the debit card-friendly. As it’s coming to the time of year when we all must part ways for a month, it’s always ideal to end a first term with a bang, aka the sound of Christmas crackers around the dinner table. A meal is never the cheapest option, but we feel it’s okay to splash out a bit when you can get your hands on some yummy turkey and profiteroles in your favourite sparkly festive dress! 

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