Budget Blog: How To... Decorate Your Uni Bedroom

So we’re just over half way through the first semester at University, and I’m sure we speak for many of you when we say we still haven’t quite made ourselves at home. Between Freshers’ week, the following week recovering, settling back into the lecture-library-party routine and the looming deadlines, there’s been limited time to hang those fairy lights and blue tack those photos. As second years, there’s that added bonus of having (hopefully for most of you), bigger and better rooms. So, in an attempt to not take it for granted, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to feeling comfortable and downright proud of your spectacular abode.

Laura: First and foremost, lighting is essential. Whether you’re the admirer of a cheeky lava lamp (the yoga and incense sniffing ladies out there) or a fan of the ‘Christmas lights’ look all year round, we think they are definitely worth the investment for creating your own individual space. We’ve found that Primark (but seriously, where else?) sell a glorious array of fairy lights and at £3 each we’ll practically be wearing the things ourselves. Whether you weave them around your bed frame or along a book shelf, they are the perfect solution to changing your bedroom from the day time area of uni work and wardrobe-on-floor mania, into a chilled out space to watch the most recent episode of Scandal with a hot chocolate (my two weaknesses in life).

Your bedroom should reflect your personality, it is the main space that is really your own while a student. No matter how hard you try to teach your flatmates that THAT seat on the sofa is strictly YOURS, your bedroom remains your only realm of ownership so get decorating! HMV sells 3 posters for £10, either divide the posters between your flatmates or buy three just for you! Yes, I am looking at my own three posters; Minion poster, One Direction and a Virginia Woolf exhibition poster as I write this. I’m a complex individual. Issues.

Alex: For those of you willing to flash that little extra cash on some absolutely gorgeous room pieces, you want to head down to Evolution at the St. John’s Centre in town. With items ranging from cute folksy photo frames to jewellery boxes imported from Bali, this shop is perfect for really defining your style within those four small walls.

The contents of Evolution obviously isn’t as cheap as what you’ll find in a weekly Home Bargains haul, but with the long-lasting and hand-crafted quality of their products you’d be crazy not to dive in to their endless amount of trinkets. If anything’s a little out of your price range, you can always split it between your house/flatmates and give your living room or kitchen a makeover. The store also donates to several Buddhist projects so you can consider yourself doing a good deed as well as updating your room’s style! If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, here’s our top 5 buys:

  1. Mini wooden photo pegs, £1.50 Home Bargains

  2. Fairylights, £3 Primark

  3. Magnetic whiteboard, £4 Wilkos

  4. Tartan blanket, £3 Primark

  5. Apple + Cinnamon candle, £1 Poundland

So don’t be afraid of debit card charges the size of a telephone number when trying to make your home a bit more homey. It’s easy to add sparkle to your room with the simplest (and cheapest) of things, even Poundland has a great selection, however, that might just be for financially inept. Enjoy your spending and splendours and make the most out of your space!