Best places to buy a graduation dress.

Where to buy your graduation dress?

The end of university is nigh, and other than the freedom and the prospect of actually having some money for once there is still one major milestone everyone has to pass… Graduation. Bar the cheesy family photos and saying bye to all your friends it should actually be a really fun day-  I’ll never turn down an opportunity for a nice dinner and some snazzy cocktails! But underneath that cape there has to be a dress. So if you’re stuck deciding where to get your monumental dress then do not fear, we’re here to help.


When it comes to dress shopping I don’t know about you but I’m usually overwhelmed and stressed. I also seem to go brain dead, I go to Topshop and forget any other shops exist meaning I usually end up dressed the exact same as most other girls because, well, a good Topshop buy doesn’t stay secret for long. So if you’re heading down the high street for some shopping then head in to Oasis, it might be rather Mumsy but for dresses it has some absolutely fantastic buys. If Oasis isn’t your scene you can get some really classic dresses from Tommy Hilfiger and they’re usually very well priced. If you’re looking for something timeless and simple then definitely a look in French Connection you should be able to find something for a reasonable price.


But if the high street isn’t for you, fear not. We’ve compiled our favourite online shops for you to browse;

The supply of dresses here is endless, from sequined to ball gown, you’ll find something you like.

Pastels are in this season and don’t they know it.

And of course, there is trusty ASOS- it’s definitely worth filling through the endless pages to find something you love.

The only problem with ordering online is you can’t try it on or REALLY see what coloured shoes will match- but it’s not a problem. My advice is order a few sizes and return them rather than seeing something you love, buying it in the wrong size and then going back to order a new size and it’s sold out! Disaster.