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We have the same dilemma every year; should we go all out-with a novelty jumper featuring a felt snowman and glittery pompoms (and look like an extra in a cheesy Christmas movie), or keep it chic with a modest, yet stylish festive knit? Whether you decide to go garish or classy, make sure you jump on board the Christmas jumper train immediately, as t’is the season after all!

In case you haven’t got a Christmas jumper to call your own yet, we’ve rounded up our favourite ones:

Go bold or go home

Where you’ll find it: Boohoo

Price: £15

Our fave Home Alone quote, immortalised forever in jumper form (looks like Santa knew what I wanted for Christmas!). How can you not love a jumper that pays homage to one of the greatest Christmas films of all time? If your Christmas wardrobe is looking a bit lack-lustre, this knit is sure to do the trick. Plus, it’s perfect for cosying up on the sofa after your Christmas dinner.

Which list are you on?

Where you’ll find it: ASOS

Price: £30

Christmas Pattern

Where you’ll find it: H&M

Price: £30

Not a fan of Santa and Rudolph (#Grinch)? Why not tone things down and opt for the après-ski look with this Christmas pattern jumper. We could imagine wearing this while snuggling up in front of a roaring fire after hitting the slopes. Who needs presents when you can wrap yourself up in this?

Embrace the sparkle

Where you’ll find it: H&M

Price: £15

Oh so festive and pretty! Why not trade cheesy for chic this Christmas with an understated knit. Seeing as it’s getting pretty cold outside, this jumper couldn’t be more apt. This sweater is definitely on the top of our Christmas list this year.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Where you’ll find it: Primark

Price: £9

You might know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but Rudolph is our actual bae this Christmas! This jumper gets extra points for making us feel all warm and Christmassy inside (plus it’s got grandma’s seal of approval). A cute and festive choice!

What does Santa say?

Where you’ll find it: Missy Empire

Price: £17

Channel Father Christmas in this fashionable jumper. Christmas jumpers have a reputation for being tacky and unattractive (to put it nicely), but this knit is truly the opposite of ho-ho-horrible. So, make sure to add this beaut to your Christmas jumper collection.

Polar Bear Knit

Where you’ll find it: Next

Price: £28

This cuddly polar bear’s got teeny little mittens and a hat to keep him warm this winter – as warm as you’ll be in this toasty jumper. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more Christmassy than wearing a Christmas jumper of a polar bear wearing a Christmas jumper. It’s Christmas jumper-ception!




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