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BEAUTY BLOG: New In Beauty – November


It’s currently a time where the crossover between autumn and winter manifests the season and not only your wardrobe, but your makeup is also fluctuating. So here’s a lowdown on all things new in beauty that can carry you right through until Christmas for some inspiration.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate shadow palette in Cool neutrals has a perfect balance between some autumnal brown shades mixed with some grey undertones. This balance makes for a perfect transition between the two seasons, allowing you to warm up your neutral look or cool it down with the variant colours you get in this palette. With 16 shades all for £16, it’ll be a valuable buy this season. 

Real Techniques have made their way into every girl’s makeup bag. Taking their own spin on high end products, such as the ‘complexion sponge’ as a gimmick on the ‘Beauty Blender’, they create some of the best affordable makeup tools on the market. Last year they came out with a collection that was slightly more expensive, the ‘bold metals collection’ consisting of higher quality products of what they already have. A new addition to this collection is the ‘Bold Metals Diamond Sponge’, and it is just so pretty. The diamond shape and marble design seems a good enough reason to buy it anyway, but the multiple surfaces serve a useful purpose allowing you to get to all of the corners of your face. The even softer sponge blends your foundation, blush, and concealer seamlessly and is a great buy at £12.

Although slightly pricey for a student budget costing £20, Clinique have brought out a new ‘Flutter-to-Full’ mascara that is completely different to the whole mascara-marketing world. With a twist of the barrel, you can customize your lash look with the ability to dial up your look from fluttery to full fat lashes with a simple twist.

A cult brand in the beauty world – Lime Crime – is now selling a selection of their liquid lipsticks on ASOS. A classic cult favourite, their Nudes collection on ASOS offers an understated look that will last all day. Not only is their packaging to die for, but also the uncompromising quality and vegan status makes it entirely better. My favourite shade ‘Faded’ allows for an easy-to-achieve day-to-day look that can be faded way into the night. 

Finally, take all of this off with a product I have been waiting to be released to incorporate into my nightly routine. Garnier provide some of my absolute favourite micellar waters out there on the market for a great addition to your cleansing routine. The oil-infused cleansing water removes the toughest of waterproof mascaras, I have personally tried and tested this and it’s great! There is absolutely no struggle and makes your nightly routine that much easier. Not only this, it smells great and is a fraction of the price in comparison to other micellar waters on the market, such as the Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

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