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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Beauty Tips, Facts and Hints

Being a female is difficult sometimes, with all the different products for skin, hair and makeup out there. So here are some handy hints that you may not have known before to help keep you looking and feeling great!

Did you know…? Even though you may look your best in the glow of the bathroom bulbs, you shouldn’t keep your make up in this environment due to heat, humidity from steam and bright lights. These features can cause mould and bacteria to grow or breed in makeup. Look out for signs of foundation going off, such as separating, yellowing and even smelling. Gross! A cool dry and dark place is recommended.

Did you know…? No need to look for an excuse to buy that new mascara you’ve been hankering after, it’s actually a good idea to have more than one in your make up bag after all! Having a day to day mascara and one saved for special occasions varies your style on nights out and stops your look from becoming too monotone.    

Did you know…? The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive and no age is too young to start protecting ourselves from crows’ feet, line damage and wrinkles. Using an anti-aging, brightening eye cream with an SPF in will reduce early morning lecture puffiness and hangover dark shadows. It’s also a great way to keep your look youthful for the long term. Go on then, get raiding your mum’s beauty products!

Did you know…? Witch hazel is a multi-tasking product for calming skin, as well as being a cheap buy in most shops! With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can treat acne, soothe irritated skin and help reduce puffiness. As witch hazel is free of chemicals that can be harsh on skin, it could be a better option for people with sensitive complexions than the more expensive cleansers on the market today.

Did you know…? The winter weather may provide us with rosy red cheeks and a free alternative to blusher. However, although that brisk wind can give us what looks like a healthy glow, it actually isn’t. Pink cheeks can be a sign of the skin drying out from wind, or even broken capillaries in the facial area. Calm the skin and use a regular face mask or moisturiser in the winter months.

Did you know…? We’ve all heard this one before, with most of us being told before we hit our tweens: always remove your make up before you go to sleep. Not doing this is one of the biggest beauty sins you can commit. Leaving make up on overnight clogs the pores and doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, causing breakouts. Not to mention the state your pillows will be in.

Did you know…? Changing your sheets may feel like a massive effort and the month old duvet set may look acceptable to you. However, due to a build-up of bacteria on old sheets from sweat and gross dead skin cells, breakouts, rashes and skin irritation can occur. This especially applies if you’re generous with sharing your bed space.

Did you know…? We’ve all know this is important, but seriously, drink lots of water! Resist the urge to reach for that big glass of coke or cup of coffee when a morning hangover presents itself, and grab some water first. Water flushes out toxins from the body which helps prevent sallow, blemished and tired skin.

Did you know…? A little break from alcohol is sometimes exactly what you need to get lovely glowing skin. We all know alcohol is hard to avoid sometimes at uni, but not drinking it excessively can help keep vitamin a levels high which makes skin look a lot healthier. Not to mention it keeps our livers happier!

Did you know…? Although we all love a long hot shower, try not basking in the lovely steam for too long as it can strip skin of natural oils. A long lukewarm shower may not quite have the same appeal but it will be kinder on your skin.

So most importantly it’s all about looking after yourself, inside and out. What we put into our bodies reflects in our skin, hair and general appearance. But as we all know, looking good comes from feeling good as well. The best product for this? Have a laugh! Seriously, laughter has been proven to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain and protect you from effects of stress. Nothing works faster, it’s free and fun. So why not get some friends together and crack yourselves up… all in the name of beauty?

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