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Antony Haddley – BEST YOU EVER HADD

With the Leeds Union leadership election fast approaching, Her Campus Leeds sat down with Antony Haddley, one of five hopeful candidates running for Communications & Internal Affairs Officer, to find out a bit more about him and why he’s the ‘Best You Ever Hadd.’


HC: So Antony let’s get the boring basics out of the way… age, degree, future aspirations and all that shebang.

AH: I’m 20, in my final year at Leeds and am studying Music! I chose to study that particular degree mostly because I’m really into playing the piano and guitar and just figured I’d study something I really enjoy, rather than getting any old degree just for the sake of it.  Who knows where it will take me, but ideally I’d love to ‘make it in the industry’ [dahhling] in terms of record production and management I guess!

HC: Sounds awesome! Well, onto the LUU Leadership Race. You’re running for Communications & Internal Affairs Officer but what EXACTLY does that particular role entail?

AH: Strictly speaking the position stands for Governance, Democracy and Finance [still lost…] but basically this translates into looking after the needs of the student body and ensuring that all students are getting value for their money in terms of the Union and university as a whole. If I were to win in the upcoming elections my job would be to oversee the Union’s democratic processes, ensuring Union policy is enacted as well as acting as your spokesperson, representing the Union to stakeholders and media, locally and nationally.

HC: Ahhhhh, thanks for clearing that up, Antony! Tell us a bit more about your manifesto…

AH: First off I just want to make it clear that I cannot get enough of our Union! I knew from the second I arrived at an Open Day way back when that Leeds was the place for me. The work our Union is currently doing is fantastic, however my main concern is that it needs to be more accessible and affordable to the wider student population. I propose to do this in a number of ways:

  1. Extend £2 drinks offersin the bars to the most popular visiting times
  2. Introduce an Union Loyalty Card, allowing you guys to earn points on the stuff you buy
  3. Implement a new, tailor made rooms booking system for societies as well as reopening The Peanut Gallery
  4. Install a self-service ticket machine in the Union Foyer to allow easier access to buying tickets to Give It A Go sessions, society performances and of course, Fruity [winner]
  5. Allow the option to use Twitter and Facebook to communicate ideas through the current Better University Forum
  6. Concentrate on wider student issues such as fighting to put the impact of the £9,000 fees back onto the National agenda

HC: Woah, sounds impressive! You’ve got some great ideas there, what made you want to run for the position on the Exec in the first place?

AH: As I may have mentioned I really do love our university and I’ve been heavily involved in Union life right from day one to be honest. I worked for two years in the Volunteering Office in a communications role to help promote the amazing work student volunteer organisations do. I would organise press releases for Leeds Student, Yorkshire Evening Post and other online publications as well as taking part in and leading numerous volunteering projects myself. I am currently the Media Officer on the RAG committee where I oversee all communications and publicity business to do with the society, such as running our social media and promoting our events. All of this experience has spurred me on to run in the Leadership Race because I genuinely do care about the students at Leeds Uni and believe that my ideas for the future of the Union will impact every student’s university experience for the better.

HC: Its great to hear you’ve been involved in so many projects over the years. Tell us about your involvement with RAG and any upcoming events we should know about…

AH: In my first year I took part in the RAG Uganda Project and this year I’m leading The Leeds RAG Race to Soundwave (Hitch to Croatia) for the second year running. I would highly recommend both fundraising events to anyone looking for an adventure, good times and some amazing stories to tell your friends at home. This week we’ve got the infamous Leeds RAG Fashion Show and next week I will be personally hosting RAG’s very own Take Me Out. Please all come down and show your support for our contestants (and me!) at 7pm in Mine on February 27th.

Hitchhike to Croatia                                                        Uganda Project      

HC: So when you’re not hitchhiking across Europe, breaking into the music industry or hosting your own dating shows, what do you like to do in your spare time?

AH: Of course I enjoy my music, but mainly just annoying my housemates with incessant piano playing. Although I’m heavily involved in society life I do love going out when I can and find it hard to resist a night out at Fruity. I may be a music student but I can’t get enough of the cheesy-pop delights of the Fruity dance floor. Of course I do have a cool alternative side like every Leeds student, so you’ll occasionally find me catching a film at the Hyde Park Picture House or getting down to Soul classics in HIFI come Sunday evening.

HC: Thanks so much for letting Her Campus get to know a bit more about you, Antony! Can you just remind our readers how and where they can vote for you?

AH:Voting happens online at http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org.uk/leadluu/ where students can find all the necessary info on the candidates running as well as actually cast their vote. Please vote Antony Haddley #1 for Communications & Internal Affairs – THE BEST YOU EVER HADD!

Check  out Antony’s full manifesto and follow his Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest updates on his race to become your new Communications & Internal Affairs Officer! 

Hannah first joined Her Campus as part of the Illinois branch as a writer during her study abroad year at UofI. While in the US, Hannah joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and subsequently began to write a weekly column for the Greek newspaper, The Odyssey. Now back home in the UK, Hannah has founded the first ever UK HC branch for her own university, The University of Leeds. She is in her final year of a Politics degree and is excited for the year ahead and what great things Her Campus Leeds will achieve. Outside of her studies, Hannah enjoys travel, fashion and being an alumni of The University of Leeds Celtics Cheerleading squad where she ran as PR Secretary for the committee during her 2nd year. 
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