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7 trends you’ll fall in love with this spring

It may still be freezing cold outside, but spring is starting to bloom in the shops. Despite the fact I’m probably not going to be able to wear any of the new spring collection for another five or six weeks - if we’re optimistic about the weather - looking at the new clothes every shop has to offer this season has become my new favourite procrastination tool. Looking at shorts and floral dresses reminds me that there are better and warmer times ahead! If the gloomy winter weather is getting you down, keep on reading to find out what we have to look forward to this spring.

1. Pastels

One of my favourite things about spring is the colours. Bright colours will still be around, but a new colour palette is going to rule the high street this spring: pastels; they’re the key colour trend this season. I must admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of pastels, but after doing my research for this article they have definitely won me over - I have already added a couple of things to my ‘must have’ list! If you’re not convinced, these are some of the advantages of wearing pastels:

1.     Pastels suit most skin tones, especially pale skin, meaning you don’t have to worry about fake tan!
2.     They’re really girly and pretty.
3.     They’ll brighten up your day even during April showers!

Show your sweet side to the rest of the world by wearing some of these:

Left to Right: Pastel blue and coral jeans, Zara, £19.99; Coral striped jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £25; Light blue plimsolls, River Island, £15; Pastel shorts, New Look, £14.99; Orange Platform Court Shoes, New Look,£19.99; Pastel Blue Lace Top, New Look, £16.99; Green Peep Toe Heels, New Look, £19.99; Yellow Slipper, New Look, £19.99.

2. Tribal and abstract patterns

If pastels are too sweet and colourful for you, then maybe this trend will be your cup of tea. Get your wild side out, because tribal patterns are in this season! Aztec, African, abstract art - anything goes. Be careful when you’re mixing patterns as these patterns are quite rich, and if you wear too many at the same time it might end up in a fashion disaster! These are some of my favourite pieces:

Left to right: African stripe dress, New Look, £19.99;Arizona Rodeo patterned snood, Accesorize, £18;Brown and blue striped top, ARK, £17.99; Border Print Mini Skirt, Miss Selfridge, £29; Black tribal top, Zara,£25.99; Cream tribal top, ARK, £14.99; Egyptian print leggings, New Look, £12.99; Rafia ballet pumps, New Look, £15.99

3. Pretty florals

Spring wouldn’t be spring without florals. You’ll find them in dresses, skirts, blouses, scarves and even shoes! Flowers are everywhere this spring. You can choose between bright floral prints that will make you stand out or softer touches such as lace and pastel colours - whichever you choose, both are equally as chic. Daisies, roses, daffodils - pick your favourite flower and wear it!

Left to right: Orange lace dress, Topshop, £48; Floral print shorts, Zara, £29.99; Floral tie blouse, New Look,£19.99; Floral print shirt, Zara, £22.99; Yellow daisy dress, ARK, £22.99; Coral Daisy dress, ARK, £22.99; Rose Pastel Scarf, Accesorize, £14.

4. Animal prints and other patterns

Patterns are definitely ruling the high street right now: tribal, floral and now animal prints. When I say animal prints, I don’t mean our usual leopard or zebra print, I literally mean animals printed on our clothes. Birds seem to be the most popular, but other animals have also been seen running wild in the shops! Name the animal and you’ll find it. These are some examples of what you can find in the shops right now:

Left to right: Heartbird playsuit, Primark, £15; Bird Scarf, Dorothy Perkins, £7; Flamingo print Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £28; Bird print top, Dorothy Perkins, £28; Butterfly dress, New Look, £19.99; Giraffe Print Scarf, New Look, £7.99; Hummingbird t-shirt, Dorothy Perkins, £15.

5. Asymmetric hems

Asymmetric hems started trending this winter and it seems they are here to stay, at least until next winter. I must say I wasn’t overly excited about the look last season but the trend really works with pastels. The flowing fabric and the light colours create a Greek goddess look that will definitely make you the belle of the ball this spring! I’m considering wearing something of the sort to the Summer Ball.

Left to right: Sea green asymmetric hem skirt, Zara, £22.99; Light Top Ombre Maxi Dress, Miss Selfridge,£45; Beige Dress, Zara, £24.99; Oyster Wrap Drop Back Skirt, Miss Selfridge, £35.

6. Digital prints

Digital photography has now made it onto our clothes. Pick your favourite t-shirt and wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and you’ll be the trendiest girl in class. 

Left to right: Butterfly print t-shirt, New Look, £16.99; Photo t-shirt, Zara, £17.99; Floral print t-shirt, Zara,£19.99; Sunset Print T-shirt, New Look, £29.99; Landscape T-shirt, ASOS, £20; Landscape vest, Zara, £17.99.

7. Crochet

Let your hippie side out with some crochet. The floral patterns are really girly and perfect for spring. If you’re feeling brave enough you can even try crocheting yourself! I’ll definitely be wearing some of these this season:

Left to right: Crochet waistcoat, New Look, £15.99; Pink crochet miniskirt, River Island, £30; Crochet sweater, Zara, £25.99; Cropped crochet top, New Look, £12.99; Crochet shorts, Zara, £25.99; Crochet dress, Zara, £39.99; Crochet handbag, New Look, £29.99.

So girls, now you know what’s hot this season, go and take the shops by storm!

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