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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Bold Type’

We’ve all been there. We decide to start a new show, spend hours finding something, but instead just watch The Office for the 10th time. Or is that just me? This time it’s different, keep reading to find out why ‘The Bold Type’ should be next on your binge watching queue.

1. It’s A Female-Driven Show

‘The Bold Type’ started airing in 2017. It is a show about the lives of three young women in the city of New York who are navigating their way through life, work, and relationships all while trying to kill the game and be the most successful versions of themselves. The show is set in the scene of a popular magazine company, where strong female characters take charge and pave the way for the next best publication. 

2. It’s Empowering As Hell

Every time I watch this show, I feel more confident and proud of what I have achieved as the dialogues and story lines encourage me to appreciate myself. It deals with real issues such as breaking the glass ceiling, negative perception about different body types, different standards of beauty, and sex. As the episodes play out, you see the women in succeed in various spectrums of life, and you also feel empowered to do your best, believe in yourself, and stand up for your ideas!

One of my favorite lines from the show is when the Chief Editor addresses her team and states: “I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back.”

3. It Deals With Real Issues

This show manages to incorporate real topics of conversation that are important to understand and discuss in our generation. So far the show has dealt with relevant and important issues such as real beauty, breast cancer awareness, finding your sexuality, gun-control, the current political environment, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

This image is actually from one of the episodes from the show that dealt with body positivity. All these pictures are aimed at showing natural beauty where none of the models were touched up or airbrushed.

4. Strong Friendships

While I have watched my fair share of high school dramas such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, the creators of this show work to develop and present strong female friendships where there is mutual support and love. Although there might be conflicts, they are always resolved because the lead characters genuinely care for each other.

5. A Great Sense of Humour

Each episode is a mix of some great emotions, but it also has some seriously funny jokes and light hearted moments.

6. It Helps You To Feel Human And Realise That You Are Not Alone

This show is a great watch because it’s about three women who are finding out more about themselves and growing up. It’s about dealing with loss, rejection, and promotion. It helps you understand that while you may think that it’s only you out there who is struggling with certain issues, the reality is we all may have something holding us back, but there’s always another path to go down. An important message is conveyed throughout: there will always be a solution and we just have to keep going and learn from our experiences.

I highly recommend this show to everyone, and I hope you watch it. If you’re interested,  you can currently stream both of the first two seasons for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Enjoy, and stay EMPOWERED!


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