13 things to do in Berlin on a budget

13 things to do in Berlin on a budget


Berlin has been a popular travel destination for the past few years with return flights from the UK costing even as little as £40. This hipster capital of Germany has been known as the UNESCO city of design for over 10 years. I go to Berlin pretty regularity, because some of my family moved there and no matter how many times I've been in the city, it never fails to awe me. I've never met anyone who'd say that the dislike this place, its diversity, creativity and a welcoming vibe is what makes it beautiful. Here are some of the must visit travel spots in Berlin. 


  1. Christmas market- if visiting in the winter

Although probably one of the most obvious touristy spots in Berlin, the German Christmas markets are just so worth it. Being there will put you in the most holiday spirit and there are so many things to do. You can ice skate, drink beer or mulled wine, listen to Christmas music and jazz, enjoy rollercoaster rides, do some Christmas shopping, or eat a Currywurst. Oh and don't forget to try the caramel or chocolate coated apples and strawberries!

2. Jewish Museum

It is not a free admission museum, but it's really worth visiting and the entrance costs only 3 euros with a valid student ID! You'll need to reserve a few hours to be able to see everything in this building complex, as it consists of three different building as well as a glass courtyard with a café and gardens. The two modern buildings were designed by Daniel Libeskind; they have a hidden meaning and are truly magical. Part of the museum is dedicated to the World Wars, while the rest portrays the vast Jewish heritage. For those who like museums, it's a very interesting visit... Who knew the jeans inventor, Levi Strauss, was Jewish?

3. Prinzessinnengärten

This very unusual café/bar is situated in the middle of an organic vegetable garden. You can eat a meal made out of vegetables grown around you, have an amazing coffee, or a drink. They also offer a variety of soft drink and you can buy plants as well as do a bit of gardening. I've heard that it's the most Berlin-like place in Berlin.

4. Berlin Wall 

Berlin wall is another one of the must visit tourist spots. There are only a few remaining segments of the wall, majority of which are surrounded by other sights and/or interactive displays.

5. Standbar Mitte is an outdoors summer pop-up bar. It's right by the river and it's always full of people enjoying the sunshine. There are free dance classes available for those interested. Even if dancing is not up your street, this is a must-visit bar, if you're in Berlin over the summer.

6. Topography of Terror

This is a free entry indoor and outdoor museum located on the site of old Nazi paramilitary (SS) and secret police (Gestapo) headquarters. The place is full of photos and testimonials of the terror of World War II and the years leading up to it. This will not be a light-hearted museum visit, nevertheless it is a very eye-opening experience.

7. Eat at a kebab shop

The city is full of amazing and cheap kebab shops. Some say that Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap is the best one in the city and the super long queues seem to confirm it, so if you want to avoid a one to two hour long queue, venturing there late at night is advisable. For those of you who prefer healthier or vegan and vegetarian meals, there is a number of cheap take-away options. Berlin is leading the European organic and vegetarian food revolution, so it has plenty to offer.

8. Have a pretzel

German pretzels can be found at majority of metro stations and shopping malls. They are a cross between a giant pretzel and a bagel and taste absolutely amazing! I'd highly recommend trying one with butter and spring onions or cream cheese and cress.

9. Drink German Club Mate, ChariTea, lemonades and colas

Germans have so many unique soft drinks. ChariTea green is probably my favourite. It's a freshly brewed ice green tea with an addition of honey and ginger and 5p from each sold bottle goes to the ChariTea foundation! It's a perfect way to quench your thirst in one of the cool Berlin cafes. 

10 .TV Tower

Because did you really visit Berlin, if you didn't see the TV tower?

For those with a higher spending budget who fancy a drink with a view, there is a restaurant and a bar on top of the tower.

11. Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the symbols of Berlin. This 18th Century monument is situated right by Tiergarten park, which is a great spot to enjoy some sunshine or have a picnic. Both of the sights are only a few minute walk away from the Reichstag.

12. Reichstag

This is the meeting place of the parliament. It's a huge and a truly impressive building. It is free to go into the building and have a tour of the dome as well as its roof terrace, but you need to remember to register your interest online sometimes even a couple of months in advance. It's definitely worth the wait.

13. Watch the sunset by the Landwehrkanal

Have a beer, a picnic or just simply relax.