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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Whether you’re a cheesy-going burger lover, looking to let the good times roll with your favourite sushi dish, yearning for a comforting Thai to curry you through the evening, chut-need a samosa pick-me-up or want to have your cake and eat it too, these 10 student-friendly restaurants will take your breath away. On a budget or willing to splash the loan, these delicious spots have been selected as some of the best takeaways that Leeds has to offer, providing a range of appetising dishes for any food lover.  

Patty party

Fat Hippo, Headingley: £££

Fat Hippo specialises in some of the messiest burgers in West Yorkshire. Their menu lives up to their motto, ‘good food, messy fingers, and juicy burgers’, offering a mouth-watering selection of beef burgers, halal chicken burgers and vegan burgers too. Prepare for a sticky, grubby burger experience when ordering from Fat Hippo and make sure to have plenty of napkins in close proximity. These insane monstrous patties are available to click and collect or order on Deliveroo.

Bad Boy Burgers, Meanwood: ££

‘When you have no plans, you can always make a plan to have chicken’. Bad Boy Burgers Meanwood presents a tireless selection of burgers, specialising in divine, flavoursome chicken dishes. On the less expensive end of the scale, their menu presents the option of a burger meal for £12.30 (burger, chips and a drink) with the choice from an extensive list of heavenly, meaty buns. From their triple Bad Boy beef burger to their flaming Bad Boy chicken burger, and even a triple Bad Boy chicken burger, Bad Boy Burgers do not disappoint when it comes to a hearty burger meal and crispy chips. This tempting meal deal is available to order on UberEats.

My Spice and Grill, Burley: £

A Spicy Samosa or a breathtaking burger? Why not have both? My Spice and Grill is a family-run British and Asian burger restaurant that champions a fusion-style takeaway experience. Their mix and match menu is perfect for those times when you can’t decide between an Indian and a burger. Get ready for a carb-filled extravagance with their health-conscious menu, which presents multiple combinations of flavours. You can have fish masala, vegetable samosas and chicken burgers all in the same meal! It’s comfort food taken to the next level. Save 10% on all online orders on their website or on Deliveroo.

Sushiholic or Thai food lover?

Sushiwaka, New Briggate: £££

An authentic Japanese hot spot, Sushiwaka is one of the best takeaways for big groups. Why order one serving when you can fill your plate with bao buns, fried rice, tempura, sashimi, katsu curry, ramen, little moons, and more! Share your rolls, fill up your bowls and warm your soul by indulging in this delightful taste of Japan. With their food menu ranging from a £2.20 miso soup to a £39.90 Waka deluxe sashimi platter, Sushiwaka is great for those times when you need a handmade, fresh treat after a long day of hard work. Their diverse assortment of fresh cuisine is available to order on their website or on UberEats.

Waki Maki, University of Leeds Student Union: ££

The new Japanese fusion restaurant, Waki Maki, provides a pleasurable balance of fresh Japanese snacks and heartfelt street food meals. Here, you’ll be able to delight your taste buds with a flavoursome serving of ramen, jumbo sushi rolls and poke bowls. Whether you’ve had a long day studying in the library or want to enjoy a fresh meal after a night of drinking, Waki Maki is the best place to restore your palate after a long week. Waki Maki’s freshly made sushi is available to click and collect from Leeds Student Union, UberEats and Pronto.

Mommy Thai, Leeds city centre: ££

Mommy Thai (one of my personal favourites) is the ultimate Thai adventure. Their menu demonstrates authentic, original recipes at its best, serving succulent chicken satay, vibrant Pad Thai, delicious Panang curry, crispy chicken in sweet chilli garlic sauce and tantalising tempura prawns that are all to Thai for. Their Bangkok-style street food will cure any hangover or low mood and brighten up your taste buds. Mommy Thai is affordable and has the power to transport you to the streets of central Bangkok. Relish the zestful flavours of Mommy Thai’s courses by ordering on Deliveroo.

Savoury snacker or sweet-toothed?

Little Bao Boy, Leeds city centre: ££

‘All the best things come in twos.. and bao ain’t no different.’ Serving up handmade bao buns and Asian street food, Little Bao Boy is an independent northern business that sells all things bao. With an array of fillings to line your stomach for a long evening out, Little Bao Boy is the perfect appetiser. The selection is endless, with fillings such as braised beef, pulled pork, crispy tofu and even vegan prawn all for £5.00. You can even snatch up any two bao buns for £8.50! Taste these truly bao-tastic Bao buns by ordering on Deliveroo.

Tasty Samosa House, Leeds: £

Happiness is homemade and so are tasty samosas. Specialising in homemade fresh and frozen samosas, Tasty Samosa House has been creating this delightful blend of flavours since 1980. They provide a range of crunchy, crispy, golden parcels of potato, mince and vegetables. Made with gentle hands and care, direct message @tastysamosahouse on Instagram to organise collecting these amazing samosa dishes.

Haute Dolci, Leeds: £££

Haute Dolci promises to “offer moments of intense pleasure that excite all the senses and bring richness to the quality of people’s lives.” They certainly do not disappoint, providing a luxury takeaway experience with their immaculately presented waffles, crepes and more! For the moments which require quality, Haute Dolci enables you to experience moments of enormous, chocolatey pleasure with every mouthful. Discover the world of fine dining desserts by ordering your sweet treat from UberEats.

Doh’hut, Trevelyan Square: £

British street food award winner and European street food best dessert winner in 2018, Doh’hut is the ideal pick-me-up. From a humble small kitchen, to a world-renowned food trailer to its final destination of Leeds, Trevelyan square, Doh’huts’ a-glaze-ing recipes have travelled across the globe. Enjoy their sweet and hole-some fluffy creations by pre-ordering on the website for collection.

Words by: Pheonix Hamilton-Palmer

Edited by: Emma Critchley

Hi! I'm a English and Comparative Literature undergraduate committed to representing the perspectives of marginalised communities and women of colour. My main areas of interest include body image, self confidence, well-being, literature reviews, politics and entertainment. The majority of my pieces are written via an intersectional feminist approach, raising concerns that specifically focus on consequences for ethnic minorities. My work aims to use my own privileged position, as an educated student, to improve the portrayal of Minority communities in the media and create a safe space for women of colour to contribute experiences.