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Your Guide to Getting the Final Rose

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.

Your Guide to Getting the Final Rose

So this newest season of the Bachelor with resident cutie and Troy Bolton’s doppleganger, Ben Higgins, has inspired this article. Seeing all the contestants make terrible mistakes (and some successes), I know we all feel that we would do better on the Bachelor and WIN! I noticed that most of the contestants are around the age of 25…. So we all are basically contestants on the Bachelor.

Here is my best advice for anyone looking to get the final rose!

Focus on your Bachelor

The biggest mistake every contestant makes is focusing on the drama instead of focusing on their relationship with the Bachelor. Case in point- Shawn was obsessed with Nick and couldn’t stop bringing him up during individual dates and his time with Kaitlyn. He’s very lucky that Kaitlyn still chose him. It’s really important to focus on your relationship and not on the other people in the house.

Be Nice

You should keep in mind being courteous to the other girls but not letting your time slip away! Being evil in the house can come back to bite you (OLIVIA). No one wants to marry someone who can’t get along with other people. Find the balance between being friends and being fellow contestants competing for the Bachelor.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Although it might be hard, you really need try to put yourself out there during dates. There are so many contestants (especially in the beginning) that it’s important to make an impression to really show your personality. I really hate physical activities but if my Bachelor plans a date around that then I’ll be willing to try.

With this advice the Bachelor would find you funny, sweet, and really gorgeous and you would get the final rose, of course!


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Inez Timberger is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Le Moyne! She is studying Communications with a strong focus in film and TV. Inez's life consists of everything pop culture and Netflix. She is also a part of LCTV, a student run TV news program, and Le Moyne Makes Movies. Inez enjoys fashion, makeup and healthy stuff.